Kim was out today, and Denice wasn’t in the office for the first part of the morning, so I made myself some coffee and tried to concentrate on my Modern Driver Management in SCCM. Somehow, the server stopped responding to PXE requests, and then started working again after lunch, just as suddenly as it had quit.

The drive home was pretty fast, but that didn’t stop a jackass truck from passing me at over 70mph, and then end up parked in front of me once we got into Dardanelle. I’m sick to death of those idiots kicking road grit in my face and gaining nothing for it.

I was racing against the potential of rain, so I went straight home where the girls were just getting back with dinner. I went to my office and started working on taxes, determined to file on time. It took a trip back to the old house to find some paperwork, and then doing some math to make up for forms I didn’t have, but by the end of it all, I felt pretty confident in what I filed for both of us. Summer didn’t even add any of her interest accounts, so I was that far ahead already.

Sick of it.

Taxing System

I tried not to sleep in too late today. Summer got up and wanted to talk, and then made me breakfast while Eaddie was still in her room. I eventually got started on my taxes, but it was a real struggle to get everything together. I just got more and more angry at the whole system because I kept having to do more and more research on something that should be click-to-pay.

Eaddie had band practice at some point, and Summer went to get stuff for dinner. I had a shower and did a load of laundry. Once we were all back together, we had dinner and then Summer had to host a meeting at work for a bit. Eaddie went to the park, so I went out for a quick jaunt on the Onewheel to see my parents.

I didn’t get to bed until a usually-late time, but I felt fairly confident in my tax work. I guess if they tell me I did it wrong, at least I’ll eat for free.

Deduct the taxes you paid? That’s a little meta, isn’t it?

Twelve Mile Island

I woke up with a bit of a headache and made some coffee this morning. Summer got started on her taxes and was in the living room all morning. I put on some old Disney tunes and took a shower, and then made tuna pitas for everyone.

Summer wanted to clean house without us around, but most of the afternoon was burned doing nothing. I eventually left on the Onewheel and rode to the old house to box up some more small stuff. By the time I was done, it was late and dark. I rode over to Arby’s for something to eat, and then lollygagged through down on the way home. I picked up a Snapple at Casey’s and stopped to take a couple pictures at the new co-create place, the middle school, and the Waco Detention Basin.

I stopped by to see my parents briefly, and Dad was outside looking at the moon while Mom dehydrated shrimp inside. Then I circled the neighborhood a couple times before finally landing at home for the night.

I have scaled these city walls.

Modern Driver Jackery

Eaddie wanted to drive to school today, so I bundled up and took the Shadow to work. Things were quiet for a change, so I mostly just tinkered with Modern Driver Management all day. I never got it working quite right, but at least I didn’t permanently break my task sequence.

After work, I fed the fish and made it home. Summer was working on the couch again, so I took the Onewheel out for a hard ride around the neighborhood. Then I stopped by my parents’ house for a few minutes before heading on home for the night.

Summer said she wanted nachos, and I had been thinking about Taco Villa all evening, so I ran across town to bring some home. After we ate, we settled in and watched A Quiet Place Part 2 before bed. Eaddie was out late with friends, but we saw her briefly before she went to bed herself.


Free Wheeling

Traffic was horribly slow all day today. Things got worse when Kim texted that the internet was down. I didn’t even bother asking if she had done anything to investigate. It looked like a couple switches went down after I tried some upgrades yesterday, and doing more upgrades just caused more rolling outages. In the end, I still had two stubborn switches that wouldn’t respond and had to be power-cycled.

I was pretty burned out after that, but I eventually started tinkering with Modern Driver Management in SCCM. We’ll see how that goes tomorrow, but hopefully it makes things a bit easier. I ended the day with an empty office after Denice left pretty early to go to a ballgame.

After a slow drive home, I fed the fish and brought another end table home. Summer was working on the couch, so I went out on the Onewheel and met another guy around the corner that had an XR. He said he was out riding with his baby, hoping to run into me after seeing me around the neighborhood. We swapped boards for a bit while we chatted, and then I continued toward my parents’ house. I saw Wesley outside for the first time since we moved in, so I stopped to talk to him for quite a while. Long enough, in fact, that my board shut off. I didn’t notice, and when I got back on to leave, it flew right out from under me.

I finally made it to my parents’ house to see Mom, but Dad was on his way out for a church meeting. Mom was eating, so I didn’t stay long before heading home to finish the last burger. Summer worked until she went to bed. Eaddie got home late after watching a concert. I just did my best to wrap up so I could catch up on some sleep.

On a roll.

The Grapes of Wrath ft. Johnny Cougar

It was a bit rainy again today, and I ran a little behind in the morning, so I just got to work. It wasn’t long before I had people calling and things breaking. Several of my switches and my Unifi controller went down again for no apparent reason. Then the Google Cloud Directory Sync hadn’t run in a while, again for no apparently reason. I spent all day trying to figure that stuff out. I finally got GCDS going by clearing some files out of storage.

After lunch, I had a call with Robert from DIS about my network outage. He peeked at the server logs I found, but didn’t have much to say other than that I was on the right track. He got to close his ticket, and I get to figure out what the hell happened on my own.

I left just a couple minutes early and made good time back home. I fed the fish and grabbed some stuff for my contacts, and then headed home to pick up Summer. We stopped by my parents’ house to try and see Mom, but she was working late and we had to get moving to Little Rock.

We stopped in Conway for a quick dinner at Golden Corral, and then made it to the Robinson Center in plenty of time to find our seats. The concert started with several short clips from old black and white movies, which had pretty much everyone looking around with “wtf” looks on their faces. In all, I’ve seen better concerts for free, but the performance wasn’t bad. They were just old. Older than the crowd, which was much older than us. It was full of woo-women who couldn’t hold their liquor and wouldn’t shut the hell up. It was a mild performance, mostly of songs we didn’t know, but it was a fair time. I wouldn’t pay that much again though.

It rained pretty hard on the drive home, but we made it through the weather without having to stop and charge. Eaddie was well asleep by the time we got there, so it was off to bed quickly.

What if we gave little pink houses to all of these homeless?

OneDrive Me Nuts

I took the Murano to work this morning because of the rain, and it looks like that will be a trend all week. I had a bagel on the way, which really helped pass the drive. As soon as I got there, we had to wheel my portable touch panel down to the nurse so she could use it for teaching a “Stop the Bleed” class all week. Though I think it wise to teach the subject matter, I find it upsetting that it’s only normalized with the rest of the active shooter drills we do in schools now.

Otherwise it was a pretty quiet day. It dragged on a bit for me, but I finally fixed my problem with OneDrive by installing it before I try to block it. It’s perfectly Microsoft in its logic.

Brody called and offered a bunch of crappy soundbars that his predecessor purchased without need or purpose. Luckily Summer was home early, so he just dropped them off at the house for her. After work, I went straight home for dinner because Summer fried some rice with some ground chicken. It was questionable, but tasty enough. Eaddie and Eli came to eat, and then Eli had to run for a concert, which Eaddie attended later.

I went for a short ride on the Onewheel to my parents’ house and then around the neighborhood. Then when I got home, I tested out a soundbar in the bedroom. It was even worse than I expected, but still better than some of the worst TV speakers we have in the house. After that, I was pretty sleepy but still struggled to wind down for the night.

Next up, we’ll take it back to a little pink house with Jack and Diane.

Staring at the Sun Again

Eaddie and I got up this morning and went out on the Shadow. We were hungry, but wanted to cruise around town quickly before going to my parents’ house for the eclipse, so we stopped at Zaxby’s to pick up some chicken. Then we ran by my old house so I could put in some contacts and feed the fish, and we continued past the nearly empty Hickey Park and high school parking lots. We wanted to go by the soccer complex, but we ran a little behind. The Confederate Mother’s Memorial/Pine Knob Mountain Bike Park was full of people, much like the back of both Walmart parking lots we passed, but Sequoyah was empty as well.

Dad was outside with several telescopes and cameras, and Mom came in and out as the moon slowly crossed the sun. Summer left work early and met us there with plenty of time to eat and peek through the telescopes. Totality was longer than the first time we saw it, but it didn’t seem quite as momentous for me. Maybe it was because there was so much else going on with so many telescopes, or maybe because I kept having to tell Summer to take her glasses off. The solar prominences didn’t seem as big, there weren’t any big jet trails revealed, and the mountain blocked our view of the 360º sunset. The crickets and bats came out though, and everyone really enjoyed the event. I preferred being in a quiet place away from all the public screaming or music playing.

We didn’t watch much of the last half of the eclipse. The girls headed home and I ate some bánh bèo that Mom made before catching up with them. We went back out to check out a pretty disappointing “eclipse market” that was just a small handful of vendors that didn’t interest any of us. Then we finally went past the soccer complex and Old Post Park before going back to the other side of town for some free Freddy’s. Much to the girls’ dismay, I took us to Price Break, and Eaddie waited in the car while Summer and I sorted through bins of Amazon returns. I had to poke fun when Summer bought way more stuff than I did by the end of it all.

Once we made it back home, the girls settled in. I had a leftover burger and then rode the Onewheel to the Neighborhood Market to take in the recycling and pick up some more oranges. I ended the night with some laundry, and it’s back to the grind in the morning.

Thank goodness we missed the rain.

Preclipse Day

I got up and made Summer a freshly-ground cappuccino this morning, which she seemed to like. I’ve only used it twice, but so far I’m pretty happy with the grinder we got. I finally cleaned up the corned beef and had a shower, and then struggled to start the smoker to get the ribs cooking. Summer and Eaddie ran to Kroger to pick up some charcoal for me, and the lumps were tiny. I eventually got the smoke rolling, and the girls prepped the bikes to go for a ride downtown.

We parked at the middle school, which in retrospect wasn’t much better than if we had just left from the house. The girls biked and I rode my Onewheel through some neighborhood trails before going back up to Kroger and heading downtown. There weren’t a ton of visitors there that we could tell, but there were tons of cops and “workers” riding around trying to look important. We stood in line and got some stuff from NASA, and I couldn’t tell whether I had actually offended the guy when I asked how long NASA has known the moon and sun are the same size, and why they were keeping it from us.

We didn’t really find much exciting at the depot after that, so we got Eaddie a shirt and then rode through Tech to Bona Dea. We did a small loop and then headed straight back to the car. Eaddie decided to ride all the way home, and I actually had plenty of battery to do the same, but I drove Summer home instead.

I decided to assemble the outdoor sink and prep table with the hopes that I could use it for the ribs. Summer “helped,” but we didn’t get it done in time, and I ended up bringing the ribs inside to wrap. Eli came over, I eventually got the ribs sauced, and then we had dinner. The meat was way too tender and just turned into mush off the bone, but it was still good. I just wanted a bit more bite to them. Everyone else loved it. Summer made mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts, and we had a good meal.

The kids hung out for a while and Summer wound down quickly. I started dragging pretty hard, and felt a bit sick from sinus trouble. I assumed it was allergies this time, but I just felt crummy all night.

He’s really not gonna like my questions about why the moon is a flat circle instead of a flat square.

One Box

I got up and ground some fresh coffee this morning, which was a new experiment. I went for a French press this time, and having a coarser grind worked much better than what I had done in the past. Summer went to the gym and I had some leftover corned beef. It was a slow start to the morning, but I eventually took a shower in case the girls wanted to go out since Summer said the downtown festivities had begun.

Eaddie didn’t want to get out of the house, so Summer and I went to the old house to pack up some things. I got a box of stuff loaded from my old computer desk, and she took a new mower and the rest of the bicycles to the new house. When she got back, we took two of my aquariums home.

Summer wanted to make shrimp tacos for dinner. I ran a couple things to my parents’ house on the Onewheel, and then Eli was there when I got back. We had a pretty quick dinner, and then hung out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. Eventually the girls wound down, and we’ll have our day on the town tomorrow.

So shrimpy.