Let’s Table That

We woke up reasonably early today, but it took us a little bit to get started. Summer went to the gym while I messed with things around the house. After she got back, we met Julie and Kevin at my old house to get the dining room table and futon. For some reason I thought he had a short truck bed, but everything fit perfectly and we got it all set up at home.

Eaddie made it home, but then left to spend the day with friends. Summer and I went to Ridgewood Brothers to try their baked potato, and Grant made us some extra special ones. He seemed a little off, so I invited him to the house after work. At first he said he couldn’t, but on the way out he asked if I was off tomorrow, so hopefully he comes around.

After that, we went to Lowe’s to exchange the toilet seat we got yesterday. We compared it with another new one in the box, and it was painfully obvious that the one we got yesterday was a return. From there, we picked up a couple things I forgot from the old house, and then made it home where I spent the rest of the evening casually cleaning, organizing, fixing, and generally trying to stay productive. Summer didn’t feel well, so she did a puzzle and watched TV all evening until bed. My big accomplishment was doing a deep clean on the washing machine, because it was smelling pretty bad. I don’t think the girls had ever cleaned it, so it was very mildewy.

I’m going to make this place into a home, one light bulb at a time.

Have a Seat

I slept in a bit today before having a shower and seeing Eaddie out the door to go to her father’s for the night. I eventually made it to the old house to clean off the dining table and pack up some things to take to the new house. Summer went to the gym and then met me there, and we loaded up the chairs in her car.

We got everything unloaded at the new house, but then had to get back out for some cleaner for the chairs. We went to Lowe’s first to get a replacement toilet seat for Eaddie’s bathroom. Then I decided to stop in to Tractor Supply to see if they had any interesting tool chests, but they didn’t. We went to Harbor Freight to drool over their tool chests, and got a free magnetic tool tray on the way out. Then Summer wanted to stop by the wash to print off some music for Eaddie.

We kept hearing something rolling around in the floor of the car, so I poked around and figured it was probably in the HVAC ductwork in the floor. We stopped by my house for the cleaner, and then went to my parents’ house for some shrimp noodle soup. After we ate, I convinced Summer to lay in the floorboard and try to get the offending pebble out while I took sharp turns. We finally got it out with pure acceleration, and it ended up being a lone Skittle. I was just glad it didn’t melt to the car.

We cleaned up the chairs and then wrapped up the night with some stand-up on Netflix. We found Matt Rife to be too vulgar and not at all entertaining, so we switched to Pete Holmes and had some good laughs. I kept getting drawn into my phone, so I ended up staying awake way too long, but finally made it to bed a little after one.

Blanket time!

Sofa’d Up

Today was a total drag. I spent all day in Jamf again, but not feeling like I was making any real progress. I just tediously poked through settings and tested different configurations as time flew by in the morning, and then slowed to a crawl in the afternoon. The cafeteria had tons of extra milk and pudding, so I brought home a whole milk crate and a box with pudding cups.

Summer went home early with a headache, so she was there to receive the new couch. I hated virtually everything about it. The color was way more blue than it appeared in the picture. The texture was like cheap fleece imitating a wool texture. The filling was inside of a crunchy bag that would hopefully soften up quickly. The first thing we had to do was move it about a foot, which required disassembly of the three very heavy components. Somehow it felt both cheap and expensive at the same time.

I finished up some leftovers, froze some pudding cups, and then sat on the couch until the discomfort drove me to the computer. Maybe it’s just that time of year again, but I just loathe everything. I sat in the dark for quite a while, but after Eaddie got home from bowling with some friends, the two of us went to Freddy’s to get some free cheese curds before coming back home to bed.

How dairyou.

Pump up the Jamf

Today was pretty mild. I made it to work and jumped right into Jamf to finish nit-picking the settings and get my iPads deployed for the special education folks. Kim left me for a while, so it was quiet until it got loud for lunch. I was pretty sleepy, but not bad for being up cleaning carpets for as late as I was.

Once I made it back to town, I fed the fish and headed home. Summer was in the bath, so I made a burrito to try and clean up the crap she’d accumulated in the refrigerator for the past few weeks. Eaddie got home just as I finished up, and ate some other leftovers. Then we went out on the porch to talk while the neighbor’s dog barked loudly at us.

Summer came out to join us for a bit, and then Eaddie left for a Tech band concert. Summer went to bed, and I wrapped up early.

Tomorrow, we sit.


I got out of the house quite early this morning, so I went to Hardee’s for a chicken biscuit. I get really frustrated when I’m asked if I want to tip at fast food establishments, because they just handed my food over the counter. The Nashville Hot Chicken Biscuit was okay though.

I tried to focus on Jamf when I got to work, but that made me sleepy. Then other less important things kept drawing focus, and we ended the afternoon with about 15 minutes of network downtime where I couldn’t even talk to my own switches. I don’t know what happened.

While I was driving home, I got a call from the Rockline recruiter to say they were pursuing their other candidate, which suited me fine. I went to the old house to get my old pot holders and feed the fish, and then I ran by Harbor Freight to ask about ordering a tool chest before finally going home to Summer, who had spent the evening cooking a nice dinner.

After we ate, I had her help me shove everything to one side of the living room, and I spent the next five hours shampooing carpets again. The water kept coming up black until the very end, but I kind of figure we’ll do it again after hosting for the holidays anyway. Or maybe I’ll give up on this house and move onto my fantasy sailboat. I could use a change of scenery.

Absolutely Knot

Corn Dogs with Catch Up

I ran a little early this morning and made some coffee at work. Kim walked in a little late, but said she had been there talking to Toby, so who was I to argue? We spent a while chatting and catching up on work, the conference, and everything else. I didn’t get to focus on any big stuff, but I got her wrangled into closing some old work orders while I went to the elementary building to round up the spare Chromebook cart we had stuck in the closet there. I wish I could remember what I was planning to do, but inventory down there has been so scattered anyway.

I went to the old house after work and charged for a little bit while I fed the fish and took a little break. Then I went to Taco John’s for some dinner before heading home. The girls would be out late, so I just ate by myself and then started cleaning up in the living room. I plotted out the new couch setup, and I think it will be really nice in that space. In fact, I don’t think the 15-foot one we originally liked would have fit quite as well. It wouldn’t have been bad, but it just wouldn’t have allowed as much room to walk around it. Either couch makes the room feel small.

Slow your rolling tool chest.

Who’s in Charge Here?

Kim texted super early this morning that she would be out sick. That would have given me a chance to really dig in and catch up, but I’m pretty sure people were just waiting for me to return to come and harass me. Things were reasonably quiet apart from just running all day, until Josh came into my office to ask if I was in charge of keeping up with Kim’s time. That prompted me to ask a stunned-looking assistant superintendent, and ultimately send a lengthy email to the super.

I signed up for vision insurance in the afternoon, and when quitting time arrived, I headed to the old house to feed the fish. I called Rockline back just to follow up after our last chat before the conference, and then went home to pick up Eaddie so we could go to Cici’s for dinner.

We had a pretty good chat over dinner, and then headed home to wait for Summer. I did a load of laundry and cleaned up a couple of the older loudspeakers I had rescued from the dumpster years ago. I ended up stacking them in the little office nook, which is humorous due to their size in such a tiny room. The girls wound down pretty early, so I paid some bills and eventually made it to bed.

Soooo…. No org chart…?

Productive Sunday

We all got up early this morning and Summer made chicken and waffles. Then once everyone was out of the shower, we took two trips with two cars to my old house to pick up some speakers. That will give us more room to clean off the dining room table and get it over to the new house as well. There’s only a handful of stuff I really want to get to the new house before Thanksgiving.

By then, furniture stores were open again, so we went to Funky Town Mall, Sofa City, and Hank’s. As we left there, we passed a car that had pulled over into a parking lot and caught on fire. We went to Good Deal Charlie’s while that billowed black smoke in the distance. Nothing really caught our attention at any of the places we went, so we took a quick restroom break and got a car wash, then went to Lowe’s where I remembered my previous idea of using a tool chest as a coffee bar. We saw a few we liked, but I remembered some even taller ones at Harbor Freight that might have a large, closable hutch on top.

We left Lowe’s and got some food at Sam’s. They were completely dead, but the food was still great. Then we stopped by Harbor Freight just to get our hands on some of their tool chests, and then I figured I could build something online. We got some gas for Eaddie and finally made it home, where I tried to maintain a little bit of the day’s momentum.

Summer got some laundry done, and then I did a load myself while Eaddie had Eli over to do some bead crafts and watch TV. I was up later than I intended, but it was a solid day for this crew.

But is it repeatable?

The More Geese, the Better

I woke up hungry and had a pretty bad headache this morning. Summer had made burritos while I was gone, so I made one for breakfast before taking a shower to get out for the day. By the time we got out of the house, the girls wanted to eat. Eaddie was being pretty rude, which made me mad on top of other general aggravations, so when we got to Stoby’s where they wanted to eat, I just left them and went to my house to get my computer chair.

By the time I got it loaded up, poked around the house a bit, and got about halfway to the new house, they said they were done eating. I went to pick them up and we went to the house to drop off my computer chair. Then my parents came over to go furniture shopping with us. I had made a floor plan for the living room on an app I found for my phone, so we could visualize the space a bit better this time.

We went to Strouds first, and the guy there was the opposite of a pressuring salesman. Then we went to Cleo’s where we looked at the same sectionals we had liked from before. We should have shopped again earlier, because the ones we wanted weren’t in stock. We ended up ordering one online that was much more expensive, and we had no way to test it out beyond one picture on their website. Hopefully we like it.

From there, we went to the junk store to see what they had. My parents left from there while Eaddie waited in the car for Summer and me to finish looking around. We didn’t find anything of any interest, so we went back home for a while. I had another burrito, and then they girls decided they wanted to go back out to do some more shopping.

We went to Walmart for a few things we needed, and then stopped by my old house to get some things from the pantry. Finally we made it home for the night, and Summer went to bed. Eaddie went out with some friends, and I sorted the spice cabinet.

I guess it’s not nothing.

Less Than Marvelous

Ben texted that he was too late to meet for breakfast, and I noticed a couple of cars parked outside the Old Mill Bread Bakery & Cafe, so I swung in there to eat instead. The guy was just opening up, and had to leave to take his son to school, so he just left me with another customer in the store. Then Ben called after he realized the sessions didn’t start until 8:30, and met up with me just in time for the guy to make it back. I had a breakfast burrito and a scone with some coffee, but in hindsight I probably should have gotten something on BREAD instead of a premade spinach wrap. The food was good either way, and then we headed to the conference.

I went to a session about budgeting and finance, which I thought would be helpful to start the conversation with my business office and admin team. Hopefully I can come up with a decent proposal, and then use Technology money for a better salary. After that session, I went to Ben’s talk about Burp Suite, which was interesting. I was in a room with a very small number of very smart folk, but I wasn’t sure I had an immediate use for it.

The final session was the closing ceremony. Charlie was in Ben’s session, and he let me have his room key to get into the garage and charge. Then Ben and I sat through the closing remarks and went to the lobby for our bagged lunches. They didn’t have very many left, so we were lucky to get anything to eat at all. I figured he might stick around for a little bit to chat, but he actually ended up sticking around the entire time I was waiting for my movie. We chatted about all kinds of stuff, and then he helped me fix my eSchool student photos, which was awesome.

That left me just enough time to get across town to the IMAX to watch The Marvels. I had a reward for a free hot dog, purchased an ICEE, and sat down in my usual seat. There were only a few people there for the IMAX 3D showing on opening weekend, which I thought would be a good thing just for myself, but for some reason the bunch of old folks just kept talking through the entire movie. It would have been way more distracting if I had been more invested in the movie. I just couldn’t take it seriously at all. It was fine, but it was far from great. The dialog and plot just made it feel like another forced girl team-up movie.

After the show, I finally headed home. I stopped at the old house to check on things and air up my tires. Then I washed my car and headed to the house. Everyone was awake, but nobody heard me come in. Eaddie had left the Murano unlocked, so I made her go out and lock it up. Then I realized she left the back door unlocked, as well as the front door after she went out to lock the car. I don’t know how to correct these habits other than to make her life really annoying by making her go back outside repeatedly in the cold. Summer only got out of bed to use the bathroom while I unpacked and got things put away. I got my acrylic chair mat in, so I cleaned it and set it up under my desk. For one day, it seems like it will hold up alright, but only time will tell.

No appointing here.