Ground Beef Week

I was super groggy again this morning after taking nighttime medicine. I knew better, but I just felt so gross last night. I did manage to make it to work on time, since the traffic hasn’t been bad now that school is out. It was another quiet day all to myself, and I spent nearly all of it cleaning the office. I figured out a stupid imaging problem I had, because I had disabled a step in the task sequence that was causing trouble previously. That allowed me to set up a “guest” workstation for new teacher setup and the like.

The cafeteria has been on a hamburger meat kick, with burritos on Monday, tacos on Tuesday, and Frito chili pies today. I doubt we’re having actual hamburgers tomorrow, because I’ll bet that’s too much work for the small number of people they’re feeding.

Ben called at the end of the day to check in and confirm he’d be coming to visit tomorrow. We chatted for a little bit as I packed up to head home. The girls were hungry, so I picked up some Domino’s after I fed the fish. Just as we sat down to eat, someone knocked on the door wanting to sell us a security system. Summer struggled to turn him away, and now I’ll be worried he’ll rob us.

After dinner, Eaddie and I watched an episode of Better Call Saul before bed. She was struggling with a head cold as well, so I guess it’s just going around.

S’all good, man.

Pint of Alements

I woke up feeling pretty rough, with a worse throat and somehow a dry tongue. Summer wasn’t feeling well either, but we were both hungry, so I got up and made some eggs with bagels for breakfast. Afterward, Summer said the bedroom fan was being super noisy, so I looked again and saw that it had walked across the ceiling a bit. I climbed up onto the bed and found that one of the two mounting screws had come out. There were two holes that were both completely stripped out.

Around that time, Dad wanted to borrow my pick set to extract a gasket. He rode a bicycle over and got them, and then I rode the Onewheel over to their house to find a larger screw from his jars of screws. That made quick work of the fan, but the other side didn’t look to be in great shape either. It’ll probably be a good idea to replace that screw too.

Summer had been thinking about going to Conway for the day since she had to get some work stuff from there before Monday. By the time I had a shower and was ready to do anything, she had become aimless, which frustrated me. I ended up taking her to the old house to pick up some more stuff in the Pathfinder. We took three trips, but never at capacity. We had room on the porch for the outdoor chairs though, and also picked up a couple UPS batteries. On our last trip, I replaced the thermostat so I could ship the old one back in exchange for the replacement I got.

We were hungry for an early dinner by then, so we went to Stoby’s for one of the worst meals we’d ever had there. My burger was dry to the point that it was burnt, and so incredibly salty and dry that it was just hard to choke down. Summer’s pasta was watered down and lacked its usual creaminess. I kind of wanted some possum pie, but I was afraid to try it after that meal.

We were both feeling pretty rough by the time we got home. I still had a massive headache, which I figured was likely from blood pressure. I took some medicine for that, started some laundry, and came out to watch a movie. Unfortunately X-Men: Days of Future Past was no longer on Disney+, so I ended up playing The King’s Man since I loved the first two in the series and had never seen this one. I didn’t think it was nearly as good as the other two, but it had some really good moments.

I guess I’ll try to get up and be the motivator tomorrow.

Biscuit Bitec Boat Check Boot

I considered working a partial day today, but my headache from last night carried over and I figured I had days to burn. I got Summer up so we could grab some Hardee’s for breakfast, but by the time we both got there and got the food, I was worried about making it to Morrilton in time. Summer took her chicken biscuit and I ate mine on the drive.

The interstate was more boring than a drive through the county, but speed and distance work out to about the same commute, minus stupid Dardanelle and school traffic. I arrived with enough time to spend a few minutes in the holding area before I met with Joel and David.

The interview itself was much more conversational than I expected. I anticipated at least some questions, but I think it really was just getting to know each other and getting a feel for culture fit. Everyone there seemed pretty relaxed, and the few interactions I saw seemed really pleasant. It’s almost odd to me coming into a place with people that know some of the stuff that I do, especially when it’s not really their primary job function. We talked a bit more about future plans, and then I got to take a short tour of the plant. Overall I thought it went pretty well.

When I got back to town, I stopped to see Summer at the wash, and she still looked pretty sick. I headed home and she left work a little later. When Eaddie was done with school stuff, we checked her out early so we could go to the DMV and register the Pathfinder. While we were there, I remembered that I had my boat registration at home, which couldn’t be done online. I raced to get it so we could take care of everything in one trip, but then realized I needed a picture of the hull identification tag. This was strange to me since last time they made me get a new one because they wouldn’t accept the original 4-digit tag. I called Dad and had him take some pictures for me, though I was just able to find my old pictures at almost exactly the same moment. Ultimately, I was told that they actually reverted that rule and could have accepted the old ID if we hadn’t already gotten a new one.

The girls were hungry after that, so we ran by the bank and then stopped at Foodie’s for a late lunch or early dinner. I was super disappointed in my burger, which looked awesome in the picture. The girls liked their gyros alright, but Eaddie thought her lamb was too tender and we ended up splitting our meals in half and swapping.

We were going to go shopping for snacks for Eaddie’s trip, but decided to just go home and start packing her stuff instead. We already had a bunch of snacks stockpiled anyway, so we figured she could pick from that first. I rode the Onewheel to see my parents, but they weren’t home, so I came back and waited for Eaddie to finish so we could go clean up the Pathfinder.

We went to the wash and did a quick detail of everything inside. Then we used the cleaner and some elbow grease to get some of the sap off of the hood and front bumper. The car was nearly unrecognizable afterward. I think Eaddie was the most surprised, and she actually got excited about it for the first time. From there, we ran by the old house to pick up some stuff, and then by my parents’ house to see if she left her swimsuit there last season.

We eventually made it back home and got settled in for the night. It was a long, and mostly sticky/humid day, and the bed had been calling my name for some time.

That seems like an awful lot of money split that many ways. Somebody’s getting rich.

Spring Server Room Cleaning

I took some cereal to work for breakfast, which actually worked out really well out of my coffee mug. I also brought my Onewheel so I could run quickly back and forth between my office and the server room. I took a couple trips worth of trash out to the dumpster, swept the floors, and then spent all afternoon troubleshooting one of my distribution switches that wouldn’t show up in the controller.

Summer was feeling better enough to get out of the house and have dinner ready for us, but wanted me to stop by the store on the way home. I ran to the old house to feed the fish first, and then went to Walmart. It’s been so long since I’ve been in the main store, and I love to shop. I hate feeling like I never make time for anything I enjoy any more.

Eaddie had Eli and her friend Autumn over for dinner, and I guess they couldn’t wait for me to get home. I got frustrated by that, and by the fact that Summer didn’t just have the kids go to the store so I could come straight home. By the time I got there, I had a pretty good tension headache going, and I just wanted some internal peace.

Denice emailed me to say that their internet at the house went out. I thought everything came back up after I worked on it, but I guess their point-to-point radio connected to the wrong upstream point or something. I messed with it a bit and got them working again.

We all ate and the kids eventually left. Then I took the Model Y out for a wash so I could take it to my interview at Bitec in the morning. Summer had a bag of some stinky clothes in the trunk, so I emptied all of her crap out of the car before coming in to go to bed.

It’s the same crap that was in there six months ago.

Get Your Mind off of the Gutters

I did manage to get out of bed at a reasonable hour this morning so we could go to Stoby’s for a pancake fundraiser. Eaddie left early to go help out, and I finally got up on the roof to clean out the gutters. It could have been worse trying to reach the edge of the roof, but if I just get up there a little more often, I won’t have to shovel out all of the pond sludge. Two sides of the house had to be scooped out, but the rest was dry and only partially full, so I got to use the leaf blower on that.

With the gutters cleaned out, I came in for a cold shower before breakfast. I wasn’t sure if they would have peanut butter, so we stopped at the Neighborhood Market on the way. The kids were mostly just hanging out at the restaurant because of the number of adults that were already there helping. Autumn was present and came over to talk forever. Then all three kids had planned to meet up after they left.

Summer and I went home so I could clean house while she went to the gym. It didn’t take long for the humidity to sap me again, and I kept a headache for most of the day. I did get a bunch of cardboard broken down and into the recycling, but I didn’t get as much other stuff put away as I really wanted.

Later in the afternoon, Eaddie brought Eli and Noah over, and Summer played Mario Party with them in the sunroom. I kept cleaning a bit and then sat down to eat some leftover rice and steak. Summer and I ended the night with some YouTube while the kids left, and then it was off to bed.

It’s like chewing air.

The Productivity of Our City

I kept dawdling last night and stayed up super late, but then got up pretty early this morning. I made some French press just as Summer was getting around, and fortunately I made enough for the both of us. She wanted to mow the lawn and be productive for the day, and I was fairly ready for it in spite of being kind of tired all day from the lack of sleep. She had to go to work for a bit, so I had my shower and then rode to the Neighborhood Market to get some milk and eggs for her and Eaddie so they could make a tres leches cake.

Not long after that, I met my parents’ at the old house to move some things out to the curb. We decided we didn’t want Eaddie’s old twin bed frame, and I finally got rid of the old love seat that I got from Chelane’s grandmother or whoever, years ago. I loaded up some potting soil I had in the garage, and my parents poked around Bác Vân’s garden a bit. I hated to see that Doug cut down the big fig tree. Maybe he was worried about the roots being close to the house, but he left anyway.

I headed back to the house and unloaded while Summer mowed the lawn. I hadn’t eaten anything all day, so I ran to Arby’s for a weekly free sandwich. I ate at home, and then I went out to clean up the grass clippings for Summer. I got her on the Onewheel briefly, but she had a death grip on me. Then we took the Shadow around the block for some gas before coming home to look around the yard a bit and try to make plans and get ideas. We cleaned up some branches and thought we’d have a little fire outside since it was cold, but the fire pit was rusted out.

We went to the old house to get the fire pit from there instead. The cover I had over it was all torn up, so I threw it away and we’ll have to go back for the chairs later. I tinkered around outside a bit more while Summer took a shower. Eaddie had been out for most of the day, I think at some band practice. I never know any more. In the end, we never had a fire. When Eaddie got home, they watched Hannah Montana: The Movie for some reason. I guess they had history.

Tomorrow will be a cold ride to work, so it’s off to bed early.

Twelve Mile Island

I woke up with a bit of a headache and made some coffee this morning. Summer got started on her taxes and was in the living room all morning. I put on some old Disney tunes and took a shower, and then made tuna pitas for everyone.

Summer wanted to clean house without us around, but most of the afternoon was burned doing nothing. I eventually left on the Onewheel and rode to the old house to box up some more small stuff. By the time I was done, it was late and dark. I rode over to Arby’s for something to eat, and then lollygagged through down on the way home. I picked up a Snapple at Casey’s and stopped to take a couple pictures at the new co-create place, the middle school, and the Waco Detention Basin.

I stopped by to see my parents briefly, and Dad was outside looking at the moon while Mom dehydrated shrimp inside. Then I circled the neighborhood a couple times before finally landing at home for the night.

I have scaled these city walls.

One Box

I got up and ground some fresh coffee this morning, which was a new experiment. I went for a French press this time, and having a coarser grind worked much better than what I had done in the past. Summer went to the gym and I had some leftover corned beef. It was a slow start to the morning, but I eventually took a shower in case the girls wanted to go out since Summer said the downtown festivities had begun.

Eaddie didn’t want to get out of the house, so Summer and I went to the old house to pack up some things. I got a box of stuff loaded from my old computer desk, and she took a new mower and the rest of the bicycles to the new house. When she got back, we took two of my aquariums home.

Summer wanted to make shrimp tacos for dinner. I ran a couple things to my parents’ house on the Onewheel, and then Eli was there when I got back. We had a pretty quick dinner, and then hung out in front of the TV for the rest of the evening. Eventually the girls wound down, and we’ll have our day on the town tomorrow.

So shrimpy.

Stationary Turkey

I cleaned up the kitchen this morning, and had a burrito to finish up all of that stuff. I had put a turkey breast in the refrigerator last night, but it was still frozen this morning. I pulled it out and eventually got it thawed enough to stick it on the rotisserie I got a while back. Summer went to the gym, and then came back to take Eaddie dress shopping for her upcoming dance. The rotisserie didn’t work quite right, and appeared to be used, which was why I got it at a discount on Amazon. Unfortunately the motor sounded like it was skipping gears, at least in part because of my poor balancing. I ended up stopping it and letting the bird cook breast-side up.

Once the turkey was cooking, I ran to the old house to feed the fish and pick up a few more things, including some more fire wood. When I got back, the turkey was about done and Summer was finishing up some mashed potatoes and Brussels sprouts. The turkey was a bit tough and dry, but tasted good and had a nice, crispy skin. Too much went wrong, so I have lots of ideas on how to make it juicier next time.

I cleaned up the kitchen, and then Noah showed up late and ate a ton of food. An incoming ice storm had us out of school the next day, so I started a fire and we watched two episodes of The Brothers Sun. Then Summer went to bed and the kids put on trash YouTube while they stared at their phones on the couch.

I don’t think they understand how much it infuriates me when they do that on my nice TV. They literally don’t make 3D TVs at all any more, and this is the best one they ever made. I’d really like to preserve it for high quality shows, instead of just letting it burn in slowly while they’re not even watching it.

We had the bedroom ready for Noah, but he slept on the couch again after blowing through like four cans of soda. I don’t think that kid drinks water at all, and I wish he’d quit just helping himself to our stuff whenever he comes over. It frustrated me the last time he came over, when he said I was micromanaging, because he doesn’t understand that we simply want him to respect our home and our things. It’s hard enough teaching the girls how to care about having and maintaining nice things, and then he comes over like some kind of entitled vagrant.

Tomorrow won’t be much fun, but at least there’s no school.

Microbe Machine

I slept pretty hard, pretty late today after aching so badly last night. I was still tender when I got out of bed, but got better throughout the day. I ate the rest of the fried rice I made yesterday, and then got to working on the washing machine again. I could never get the pulsator out, even after getting a ratchet strap under the thing. The girls particularly needed to do some laundry, so I had to give up and put the thing back together.

Summer went to the gym before it started snowing, and I filled the entire wash tub up with hot water and bleach to try and clean out the grime that was higher in the tub. I got a lot of crap out, but still continued to get more and more all day long. I also ran a whole jug of white vinegar through a similar wash, but after countless self-cleaning cycles, I was still getting dirt. It was better, but still gross enough that I didn’t really want to run my clothes or towels through the thing.

Eaddie spent most of the day in her room, and Summer watched TV in the sun room all afternoon after the gym. They eventually came out and ate some leftover pasta, but I made some Instant Pot bean soup from a couple old ham hocks, and ate by myself. Schools are closed tomorrow, so we’ll all get a snow day tomorrow. Maybe we’ll play some games or something.

Cause the washer still won’t be clean.