There was a threat of rain again today, but I don’t think I ever saw a sprinkle on my drive in. It took me the entire trip to finish my bagel, but I guess I was glad to have something occupy the drive. I made it in a few minutes early, but wasn’t any more productive for it. Kim was back, and she’s always particularly chatty after having a day off. I didn’t break anything, but I didn’t fix anything either.

After work, it was a relative breeze home to feed the fish and grab a box to take to the new house. I stopped by the high school to try and catch Eaddie so she could return the robotics toolboxes that have been rattling around in the trunk for the past few weeks, but she was just leaving as I was pulling in.

I got home and took a beat to relax before trying to take a bicycle over to Dad on my Onewheel. I got to the end of the street and had to bail due to uneven ground, and the rear tire of the bike just fell off! I struggled to get it back on, but eventually had it in place on the wrong side of the chain. That was enough that I could at least pick it up and carry it while riding the Onewheel.

After I dropped off the bike, I continued a long ride around the neighborhood before Eaddie and I went out to try and find some food. We weren’t super hungry, and couldn’t decide what to eat. We thought we’d just swing by the wash to see Summer, and then find something to eat on the way back. Eaddie decided on New China, so we drove all the way across town to find they were closed. I drove us back to town to get gas at Casey’s, which took forever because the pump was super slow.

We ultimately ended up going to Cici’s, which was a miserable experience. It was a little bit late, but not alarmingly so. There were no store hours posted on the door, but there were people inside. It wasn’t until after I had a salad that I went back up to the bar to find they had combined everything under one heat lamp. There was no variety, so I ended up with a plate full of pepperoni pizza. They’ll get a review for that move, because a relatively large family came in as we were leaving, and they weren’t opening the bar back up. There was no telling what that family ate.

We got home just as Summer did, and we settled in quickly. The week is flying by, but the work hours are crawling. I could really use a win.

Stupid bubbles.


Kim was out today, and Denice wasn’t in the office for the first part of the morning, so I made myself some coffee and tried to concentrate on my Modern Driver Management in SCCM. Somehow, the server stopped responding to PXE requests, and then started working again after lunch, just as suddenly as it had quit.

The drive home was pretty fast, but that didn’t stop a jackass truck from passing me at over 70mph, and then end up parked in front of me once we got into Dardanelle. I’m sick to death of those idiots kicking road grit in my face and gaining nothing for it.

I was racing against the potential of rain, so I went straight home where the girls were just getting back with dinner. I went to my office and started working on taxes, determined to file on time. It took a trip back to the old house to find some paperwork, and then doing some math to make up for forms I didn’t have, but by the end of it all, I felt pretty confident in what I filed for both of us. Summer didn’t even add any of her interest accounts, so I was that far ahead already.

Sick of it.

Taxing System

I tried not to sleep in too late today. Summer got up and wanted to talk, and then made me breakfast while Eaddie was still in her room. I eventually got started on my taxes, but it was a real struggle to get everything together. I just got more and more angry at the whole system because I kept having to do more and more research on something that should be click-to-pay.

Eaddie had band practice at some point, and Summer went to get stuff for dinner. I had a shower and did a load of laundry. Once we were all back together, we had dinner and then Summer had to host a meeting at work for a bit. Eaddie went to the park, so I went out for a quick jaunt on the Onewheel to see my parents.

I didn’t get to bed until a usually-late time, but I felt fairly confident in my tax work. I guess if they tell me I did it wrong, at least I’ll eat for free.

Deduct the taxes you paid? That’s a little meta, isn’t it?

The Grapes of Wrath ft. Johnny Cougar

It was a bit rainy again today, and I ran a little behind in the morning, so I just got to work. It wasn’t long before I had people calling and things breaking. Several of my switches and my Unifi controller went down again for no apparent reason. Then the Google Cloud Directory Sync hadn’t run in a while, again for no apparently reason. I spent all day trying to figure that stuff out. I finally got GCDS going by clearing some files out of storage.

After lunch, I had a call with Robert from DIS about my network outage. He peeked at the server logs I found, but didn’t have much to say other than that I was on the right track. He got to close his ticket, and I get to figure out what the hell happened on my own.

I left just a couple minutes early and made good time back home. I fed the fish and grabbed some stuff for my contacts, and then headed home to pick up Summer. We stopped by my parents’ house to try and see Mom, but she was working late and we had to get moving to Little Rock.

We stopped in Conway for a quick dinner at Golden Corral, and then made it to the Robinson Center in plenty of time to find our seats. The concert started with several short clips from old black and white movies, which had pretty much everyone looking around with “wtf” looks on their faces. In all, I’ve seen better concerts for free, but the performance wasn’t bad. They were just old. Older than the crowd, which was much older than us. It was full of woo-women who couldn’t hold their liquor and wouldn’t shut the hell up. It was a mild performance, mostly of songs we didn’t know, but it was a fair time. I wouldn’t pay that much again though.

It rained pretty hard on the drive home, but we made it through the weather without having to stop and charge. Eaddie was well asleep by the time we got there, so it was off to bed quickly.

What if we gave little pink houses to all of these homeless?


I was actually early for work this morning, and I got my steak bagel that reminded me of the gristly mess that they used to give me. I spent the whole day tinkering with my Group Policy and task sequence to restrict Microsoft apps without causing annoying messages about things being blocked.

Lunch was a pretty miserable sandwich with two thin slices of lunch meat ham on a big wheat bun. The afternoon dragged on forever after that, even though Kim disappeared for most of it. On the way out, I loaded up some empty boxes to help move, and headed to the old house.

There was a ton of traffic crawling over the bridge, stretching from toplight to stoplight. I couldn’t tell whether something happened or if traffic was just that bad due to the eclipse. As I got closer to the old house, some old lady got cut off while she was flying down the road the other direction, and she nearly hit me when she tried to pass the offending car in the turning lane. I unloaded boxes and headed home to wait for Summer.

It took her a while, but she eventually showed up and took me to the Neighborhood Market for some things. We didn’t really have a clear plan for anything, but we spent some money. When we got home, I left for my parents’ house on the Onewheel and finished up the chow mein.

I called Mitch on the ride home just to check on his status. He said he probably wouldn’t be coming past Little Rock. Things were quiet when I got home, and everyone just kind of dawdled alone until we eventually all made it to bed.

Crap. Tax season.

You Don’t Know Jack

I successfully took the Murano to work this morning. I did not successfully place an order for breakfast at the correct restaurant. The McDonald’s app switched locations on me while I was nearing the bridge to Dardanelle, and I refused to turn around and drive across town to retrieve my order. Fortunately it was refunded later in the afternoon, but it was infuriating that I was completely powerless to do absolutely anything until then. I just went to Burger King instead.

Work was relatively quiet, and some of my deployment issues were resolved. Others I had to keep opening new tabs to research. By the end of the day, I could barely see the icons of each site I had open. Johnny called while I was eating and asked for my reference as he applied for a Dover tech position. It was a little tempting to apply for it myself, but I just don’t think that’s the right move yet. Hopefully something else will present itself, but until then, I’m left daydreaming about what it would be like at the paper mill.

I stopped by Walmart in Dardanelle on the way home, because it was the only store that would offer free online pickup. Then I picked up the coffee table from the old house and headed home. Along the way, I called Jack out of the blue to try and catch up with him. All I could do was leave a voicemail. Summer was already home when I got there, but taking work calls and then heading to the bath after helping me unload the car. I went to my parents’ house briefly, came back to get my backpack and chargers before going back for dinner.

It was nice out, so after dinner I rode all around the neighborhood and the west side of town. Then I came home through the Waco Detention Basin Trail, which was actually dry. With both the Onewheel and the Murano depleated, I plugged in and drove across town to fill up the car. I didn’t realize how much I hated pumping gas until I didn’t have to any more. I still miss my car.

I chatted with Jack for quite a while. Eaddie got home super late, and Summer was in bed early.


Cold Mornings Are for Suckers

Eaddie beat me to the shower unexpectedly this morning, which meant I finished mine in lukewarm water. Any colder outside, and it wouldn’t have lasted that long. I got out the door and realized she had taken the Murano to school, which was different than the plan we had set the night before, whereby Summer would drop her off so I could not ride the bike to work in the cold. I ran back inside and got a jacket, but failed to get my gloves, so my hands were ice cold when I got to work. I started with some coffee, but it took a while to get over the deep chill.

I spent most of the day fighting printer drivers, and still never really fixed the deployment, I guess I’ll dig into it some more tomorrow, and likely start from scratch. The ride home after work was a bit warmer, but the warmer weather has really brought out the asshole pickup truck drivers. Maybe I just didn’t notice them in the Model 3, but the Shadow doesn’t have quite the pep to keep at the head of traffic.

I fed the fish and then went home until Summer got there. She worked a short day after having a doctor’s appointment, but still came home looking like hell with no will to exist outside of the house. I left on the Onewheel and had some rice and sausage that I like with my parents. Then I rode around the neighborhood for a while before making it back home. It was a short, quiet night after that.

Direct Translation


I didn’t think I was running behind this morning, but I got to work about five minutes late after stopping at McDonald’s along the way. Kim had texted that she would be out sick, but I didn’t expect every single administrator to be in the back office meeting. I spent the entire day tinkering with my task sequence as I imaged more computers. I almost skipped lunch, but got hungry and grabbed some pizza a little late.

There was a threat of rain in the afternoon, but I never saw a drop. The roads were a bit gritty, and I kept getting stuck behind jerks that would kick all of that crap up into the air. I headed straight home for fear of getting caught in something if I went to feed the fish first.

Summer made burgers, which I re-pattied and grilled. Eli made it here before Eaddie did, and they made music in the bathroom after we ate. Weird, right? I cleaned up the grill afterward, and then the rest of the night went by really quickly as I struggled with the anxiety of feeling like I was forgetting to do something.

Full self driving would have been perfect for this.

RAID, the Enemy

I got to try out the autopark feature on my car this morning, for the first time since I bought it, and it didn’t even include reverse summon, or even summon for that matter. After that, I spent nearly the entire day trying to image one of the new computers for a computer lab. I had new Rapid Storage Technology drivers and everything, but it still seemed to be a problem after the Operating system deployment was completed. I did get one machine done, and I sent Kim to replace it in the lab while I worked on two more. All the while, Denice had people in and out of her office all day, which had me playing the doorman.

I left work a bit late and went home to feed the fish. I didn’t get much else from there, and headed straight home to find Summer working in front of the TV. We eventually went to my parents’ house for meatloaf for dinner. When we got home, I went out on the Onewheel for a couple laps around the block before coming in for the evening. I stopped briefly to talk to the Sign Hub family as they walked the neighborhood as well. Eaddie got home late after watching some bands, and watched most of Tron: : Legacy before everyone was off to bed.

Chaos. Good news.

Asshole Pickups

I had a terrible time crawling out of bed this morning. I must have been in an incredibly deep sleep, because it took me nearly an hour to wake up. It was bad enough that I wonder if snoozing for a few more minutes might have helped. I made it to work, but Kim wasn’t there the entire morning. She showed up for duty and then was around in the afternoon, but she didn’t really have anything to say about where she was, other than looking for one of the boys’ lost backpack all over town.

It took me a little while to get focused, but eventually I hammered out a couple of software deployments. I should be able to try imaging one of the new computer lab machines by tomorrow morning. At least it’s quieter in the side room when the air handler above our office starts shaking and buffeting the air pressure against our heads.

It only took a couple miles to find my first asshole on the way home from work. Some guy in a big, red pickup ran up behind me at the end of our two-lane stretch of road and passed about eight of us, including a full logging truck, on a double-yellow on a blind curve/hill with oncoming traffic. It I had better signal out in the county, I would have called 911 to report it, but I didn’t trust my call would be comprehensible.

I fed the fish and grabbed a handful of stuff before going to the wash to see Summer. They were busy, so I just washed my car and went home to wait for her. On the way home, I saw another truck cut off two people downtown. Then he took a turn in front of oncoming traffic as the second light turned green. I’d have given anything to be a stealth cop today.

Once Summer got home, we went to my parents’ house for some bánh tôm chiên khoai lang, which is just a more difficult way to say and spell, “fried shrimp cake with sweet potato.” Eaddie came over to eat as well, once she was done with some band concert event.

We weren’t home for ten minutes after eating before Summer had to go back to work to help clean the lube. She said someone called in, and I just couldn’t comprehend why someone in her position would feel like she had to go in to cover it.

Little DNS, little code, little vCard