Test Daze

I was supposed to go to work about 20 minutes early today, but I didn’t make it. I woke up pretty sore, but not too tired. It had stormed all night, and I couldn’t find my wallet when it was time to leave. That put me in a panic, thinking that it might have somehow fallen out when I crashed yesterday, but I didn’t see it in the road when I circled by. The weather got rough and I ran into some hail and fog, which brought traffic down to about 25mph on the highway. By then, I was glad to be stuck behind a truck, and I just surrendered to traffic the rest of the way.

I still got there about 10 minutes early, and it wasn’t needed anyway. I handed out a couple Chromebooks, but that was all. It was pretty quiet apart from that, which was good because I was hurting quite a bit and couldn’t really focus on anything important. That, plus a dash of burnout led to a very unproductive day.

I left just a couple minutes early and made it to the old house to feed the fish. No wallet. Then I remembered that I had taken it to my office when I called TCW to set up new internet yesterday. I made it home where Summer was baking a lasagna, and I found my wallet. I started to get a headache that had me a little worried, but I was pretty sure it was from the neck muscle pain that had been increasing all day. We ate and then I laid down for a while when Eaddie unsympathetically kept playing loud concert recordings.

I ended the night by resetting my Pixel Watch 2 because of battery issues, and then did my best not to get distracted crunching numbers for a new car. I’m tickled by the new Model 3 Performance, but still curious if something better will come along soon. On the other hand, the $7,500 tax credit won’t be around forever.

But what if we paid off the house in under six years?

Wheel of Destress

They were testing this morning, but I was still early enough to grab breakfast on the way. It was a bit warmer, so I didn’t freeze to death on the ride in. It didn’t take them long at all to pass out an entire cart full of Chromebooks, because they hadn’t held kids accountable for bringing their own devices. Otherwise, it was pretty quiet for most of the day. Kim brought lunch, so I didn’t even look up when it was time to eat. I just skipped lunch and kept poking around in inventory, mostly hoping that I would have a good return at the end of the year. I did take a break for a minute in the afternoon when I got a text that the new Model 3 Performance was available to order, but I wasn’t impressed enough to jump on the first wave of ordering. I may wait on a few more reviews first.

The ride home was mostly unencumbered, and I came straight to the house where Summer was working on the couch and Eaddie was out again. Summer wanted chicken, so I ended up going to KFC to pick up the only fast food that comes in buckets. There were a lot of people in the back, but only one girl up front, who spent most of her time running to the back. Nobody looked to be in charge, or even in understanding. Michael was there eating with family after another parent night at the high school. Eaddie’s flute tutor, Kim, came in behind me and waited to place an order. Our food finally came out about 10 minutes late, wrong at first, and still wrong in the end with none of our requested sauces.

I got to the house where Summer and I discovered that nearly all of the food was old and dry, which made less sense of how much waiting I had to do. Then I went out on the Onewheel for about eight miles. I stopped to see my parents briefly, but then kept rolling around to decompress. I’d like to think I made some kid’s whole lifetime so far by giving him a high-five as I rolled by.

Once home for the evening, we wound down pretty quickly. I finally though to check my blood pressure, which was super high. I took some medicine for it, had a drink, and loosened up the best I could before bed.

Arch Ford in the morning makes for a short day. Maybe that will help.

Just Take a Lunch Break

Eaddie got up this morning to go hiking with some friends. Summer and I got around a little slower than that, and made our way to her bank to figure out if there was any damage done by the scammer. We ended up leaving her account in a limited state, and we’ll just have to watch it for a week or so. Afterwards she started complaining of hunger, but she also didn’t split the leftover pizza with me like I offered back at home, so I took her to Walmart instead.

I returned the garbage disposal cover we bought because it was too large, and then I kind of dawdled across the entire store with her to see if I could work up an appetite. We left with just a couple things and went to the old house to load up anything we could fit into her car.

Just after I fed the fish and started to get things moving, Dad called with a weak voice and wanted me to come help after he had apparently passed out from doing some yard work. I told him to call 911, and we raced across town as quickly as we could through traffic. We beat the ambulance by a mile, and by then he was laying in the living room floor with his feet propped up on the couch.

Summer went out back to put out the fire Dad had been tending, and the paramedics leisurely arrived without any observable urgency. There were three of them, and Summer recognized one of them as a former student. Dad stubbornly crawled toward the stretcher they had in the doorway, and they carted him off as Terry walked over from next door.

We had enough time to run home for a garage door opener and still got to the hospital before they had him in the system. Julie showed up shortly after we did, and then Mom arrived shortly after that. Once they had him in the system, Mom and Julie went back to see him. Then Julie came out and traded spots with me for a moment. Tesla called while I was back there, and didn’t seem to understand my inability to formally request leave to return my car, but tentatively set up an appointment to return Tres on the Tuesday after break. Then Summer and I left to get Eaddie and go out for dinner.

We went up to La Huerta, and Summer and I split some fajitas after some confusion. I don’t know if they just stopped doing the Especial La Huerta for two, but we seem to have that problem every time we order that now. I guess we should review the menu. Otherwise the food was okay, and then I took the girls home before taking the Onewheel over to my parents’ house to check on things.

While I was there, Julie called and asked me to pick up some clothes for Dad to wear out of the hospital. Dad was alert enough to let me in remotely, and I rode home to get my car to go to the hospital. Julie left to get some sleep before work, and then Mom left after a little while, and then I took Dad home.

The girls were in bed by the time I made it home, and somehow I lost a couple hours somewhere along the line. I really thought I’d make it to bed before midnight, but it just didn’t happen.


Bronchiasoreus Rex

My aches weren’t as bad, but my cough was worse today. My chest hurt, but I was able to ride to the Neighborhood Market for some milk and oranges, and ended up toting two more sacks of groceries home with me. It all started when I tried to make biscuits with sour milk, so I could eat some more of the spoiling gravy. When I got back home, I made three giant biscuits and ate one with a bunch of gravy. It could have been the milk, or it could have been the spoilage, but that didn’t sit with me for very long.

I had a long bath with some Vicks bath crystals in the afternoon, and I was kind of disappointed in their effect. I even ran a short bath so as not to dilute them too much. Ultimately, I think neither they nor the shower puck are worth the price of admission. You’re better off stuffing your mouth full of cough drops before you hop in the shower.

Eaddie brought a friend home to study, and I ended up grilling brats for everyone. We had a pretty good impromptu dinner, and then it was off to bed to try and sleep off my last bit of fever.


Burn Up and Burn Out

I slept in until Eaddie started getting ready for school. Even after that, I laid in bed for a while longer. I felt a little bit better, but still had a fever for most of the day. I got around and warmed up some chicken strips to eat with the leftover gravy. The gravy was starting to turn, and the chicken took longer to warm up than I expected, but eventually I got it all in me.

My cough had worsened a bit, but the aches and chills subsided. I mostly laid around in bed all day, but eventually took a shower with some Vicks and then took the Onewheel to Walgreens to pick up an online order of more chicken strips. I prefer the raw ones, but these have been conveniently on sale.

Eaddie got home just as I was leaving, and when I got back from Walgreens, she asked how long I would be there. Evidently my existence in my home was bothering her as she practiced flute.

Summer ended up having to close the shop for one of her employees, so I took her some Burger King and talked with her for a bit before heading back home. I was still hungry from just being sick the past day, so I stopped and got a fish sandwich from Arby’s. Eaddie had asked to go study with friends, so I laid around the house alone until Summer got home.

I still had a little bit of a fever, so I called in to work again for another day. No sense in bringing that to work with me, and Kim didn’t have any problem texting me with questions she should have been able to answer on her own. At least I should be over this by spring break.

He said what?

Long Winded

I got up early this morning so we could take Eaddie and her bandmate to Little Rock. We were a little ahead, so it was a leisurely drive to drop them off, and then Summer and I went back into town to have lunch at Cheddar’s. My pot pie wasn’t as good as what I’ve had in the past, but the chocolate cake was yummy. Afterward, we went to Target to walk around a bit before taking some McDonald’s back to the girls.

Just before we went into Target, I started feeling really bad. I could tell I was getting sick, so I grabbed some high menthol cough drops to help with the sinuses, and some Vicks shower and bath additives. I ached more and more through the concert and its incredibly long pieces. The faculty recital was interesting, but I was still upset that it was up to us to bring the kids they needed for their piece. The music really was good, but my feeling crummy didn’t help.

After the concert, Summer took us straight home and I ended up in bed. I thought I’d be able to go out and enjoy some of the sun, but it just didn’t happen. I crawled under a heated blanket and cooked my fever out before deciding to take Monday off at work.


High Beams

I forgot to charge my phone last night, but luckily I woke up early with a CPAP tube full of water. I got that mess cleaned up and made it to work, but I felt pretty crummy all day. My throat hurt from coughing so much, so I sipped on some Theraflu all morning, and then some hot tea in the afternoon. At the very end of the day, I got a computer to PXE boot to my new SCCM server, so how I get to play with the more familiar task sequences and start deploying some computers.

After work, I fed the fish and grabbed a few things from the old house before stopping by the wash to check on Summer. I thought I’d bake some potatoes to go with the leftover steak for dinner, but Eaddie was at robotics until a little late, and neither of the girls were very hungry.

I ended up riding the Onewheel to my parents’ house for some curry. They got some stuff from Bác Trân for new year’s, and he sent me an over-the-neck reading light that I ended up using as headlights for the Onewheel after dark. I rode home, but wanted to keep riding a bit after being cooped up the past couple days, so I grabbed the recycling and took it to the Neighborhood Market. It was a quick run, but fun on the smooth asphalt.

The girls had pretty well wound down for the night, so I did my best to get to sleep early. I’ve got the humidity turned down on my CPAP now, so hopefully I won’t drown in my sleep.

Tea for me, and me for tea!

Mac is a Side

Summer and I both woke up with a bunch of crud in our chests, but it wasn’t until I saw macaroni and cheese as the lunch entrée that I made the final decision to stay home from work. Summer took a little bit of convincing to stay home, but it wasn’t long before she fell back asleep. I spent several hours playing Fishdom on my phone, but got up a few times to make more Theraflu and eventually some pot pies for lunch.

We were both coughing and sneezing pretty regularly, and it probably won’t be much better tomorrow, but time will tell. We finished the chili dogs in the afternoon just before Eaddie got home. She came in to shower, and then hit the road again to hang out with Eli.

I thought I’d make it to bed super early, but kept getting distracted. At least now it’ll be a super short week.

Tammy and the T-Rex?

Head Space

I got up and had a slice of breakfast pizza before anyone else was awake this morning. Summer eventually got up and went to the gym. I felt worse after running around all weekend, with a sore throat, aches, and some chills, so I didn’t feel up to much. I did manage a shower, and did some dishes. Summer wanted to make dinner, and Eaddie had Eli over.

I spent most of the afternoon and evening just trying to keep some space.



Eaddie left early this morning for all-state weekend, and my school had a “winter break,” so kids were out and teachers were only there for parent-teacher conferences. Traffic was thin enough that I had a nearly uninhibited drive in to work, save for the last mile. Kim showed up late, and then disappeared around lunch time. I just kept working on SCCM and never saw her again.

I was pretty hungry when I left work since the cafeteria was closed, so I stopped by McDonald’s in Dardanelle for a Big Mac, then fed my fish, and picked up some fries afterward before stopping by the wash to see Summer. I finished those on the drive home, and then jumped on the Onewheel to get some float time before sundown.

I took some milk back to my parents’ house, then rode around to Gary’s house to chat with him for a minute. As I was leaving, I accidentally knocked my earbuds out of my pocket, and they both popped out of the charging case. I nearly rode over one of them before I noticed, but it seemed like only the case got scratched.

From there, I rode down to Ridgewood, but didn’t see anyone I knew. I circled the building, and then a kid named Kyron(?) chased me down on his Onewheel GT. We stopped and talked for just a few seconds because he wanted to see my board. Then we split off and I headed home.

My head cold got bad pretty quickly from there. I had body aches and a bit of a fever, so I cleaned up some leftovers, made some Theraflu, and went to bed before Summer even made it home.