She’s a Brainiac, Brainiac on the Floor

I got a request to shuffle a bunch of stuff at Support Services yesterday, so first thing this morning, Gary, Zach, Greg, and I went over to take care of that. It ended up being way easier than I expected, and we knocked it out pretty quickly, even after we lost Zach to go watch his kid do a firefighter challenge at Sequoyah.

Afterward, I went back to my office and started in on my Network+ videos again until lunch time. It was Brody’s last day, so most of us got together and went to Cicis for lunch. While we were there, Aaron and a couple other guys from the bank came in, and he snuck up behind me to say, “hi.”

Summer had gotten a call from the neurologist that they could see her in the afternoon, which was way better than waiting for the middle of December, so she came back to town and picked me up after lunch. We went straight to their office and waited for them to open back up from lunch so we could fill out paperwork before talking to the doctor. The meeting actually went really well, and he put us at ease right away. The abnormality was some possible shrinkage of her frontal lobe that could possibly have been greater than average, but he didn’t feel like that had anything to do with the symptoms that brought her to the doctor in the first place.

Summer did a few cognitive tests with varying results, and he referred us to UAMS, which we’ll probably do at the start of next year after her deductible resets. She still felt a bit off with a headache, but I talked her into going to my house to clean up, since I had been gone from work long enough to take the remainder of the day off.

I poked around in the garage when I got home, and cleaned and organized a few more things. Summer befriended a beautiful white dog with white eyes, who I’d seen wander around the neighborhood in the past. We tested the couple of scrapped TVs I brought home, and one of them appeared to work without any trouble. The other was clearly physically broken on the left side, but it would be fine for someone that just needs one that works at all. We loaded up the better one to take to her house, and then I ran around looking for some feet. I thought I had some in my office, but I finally came back home and found them there.

Up at Summer’s house, Eaddie was already dressed down for the evening. Summer made Rice Krispies Treats, and eventually Autumn showed up from whatever she had going on. I had gotten a message that my VIN was assigned, so I hopped online to try and finalize my Progressive quote. Since the delivery is happening so late in the year, I’m actually getting a 2023 year model, which is pretty neat. I won’t have ultrasonic sensors, so I’m annoyed that some features may be temporarily disabled, but hopefully it won’t take long for that to be corrected. I had trouble making the insurance changes myself because the new year model wasn’t even in the system yet, so I had to spend quite a while chatting with support to get the changes made. My rate will be higher than I thought, but still only about half of what State Farm wanted for just one car.

The girls all wound down pretty quietly, so I surfed my nightly deals, got a little distracted, and eventually made it to bed.

We are so close to being able to speak of Tres!

Not Much for Surprises

I had to go to Oakland a couple times this morning, but the work orders were easy fixes. I don’t think anyone else was super motivated around the office, but I kept fairly busy until lunch time. We went to Taco John’s as usual, and I ran into the Cochrans on their way out. We chatted for a little bit in the entryway about their retirement and my bikes. When everyone else showed up and we sat down to eat, Ben showed up. Evidently he had been around town meeting with some schools, and arranged to meet us for lunch.

I took the afternoon off and went by Superfast to check on Summer. She had a bit of work to do before her MRI, so I went home and waited for her to pick me up. As soon as she got there, we went to Saint Mary’s and filled out paperwork. We had to wait a little bit, but then she went to the back for the MRI while I waited in the lobby. The girls had dentist appointments after that, so we surprised them by showing up to pay their copays. Autumn was in a mood, and Eaddie just rolled her eyes about it. On the way out, Summer got a call about her MRI, which reportedly showed something odd about her frontal lobe. She spent the rest of the day Googling that, which would have been more upsetting if I hadn’t been present when her nurse did almost exactly the same thing.

We went to their house for a minute, but then left the girls to go back to their after-school activities. Then Summer and I headed to Conway for her work meeting. She couldn’t decide where to eat, so I tried the old trick where I told her I had the perfect place that she loved, but made her guess where we were going. She got super excited when she guessed Shark’s Fish and Chicken, but afterward changed her mind to Mexican. She really liked a place right off the highway called Los 3 Potrillos, so we went there. I’m not sure what made my parrillada so expensive, but all of the food was pretty good. The tortillas were so fresh that our server literally had to go make them for us after he brought out our food.

After we ate, we went to the shop and Summer got settled in. I waited around until I could show her how to make a Google Form for a sign-in sheet for the training she was giving. Then I went across town to Target to try and find a deal on some Google Nest mesh routers. They had one in stock that was marked at regular price, but they rang up for $80. I wished they had more than one, but I was happy with my find.

I made a quick run through the rest of the store, but nothing really jumped out at me. On the way out, I texted Ben to see what he was doing. He invited me over to his place, which was way out on the west end of town. It took me forever to get out there, and the neighborhood was a lot more tightly packed than I expected, but it was a nice place. The kids all came out to show out for company, and we eventually made it upstairs so he could show me his urinal and the bar, complete with a soda gun. He wanted to get rid of it, and offered it to me for half of what he might be able to get online. Prices seem to vary pretty wildly, but I figure I’ll probably end up with it eventually.

I left after a little while, knowing that it would take me a bit to get back to the shop. I arrived just as Summer was finishing up, so it was great timing. I was really glad I didn’t wait for her to text. We made it home without any fuss, and then everyone was off to bed.

Life’s less disappointing if you always assume the worst, but then again I am the positive one of the bunch.

Lawyer Show!

I took the R1 today, and made it to work pretty early. There wasn’t a whole lot going on that early, but I had stuff to pick at. Summer made an appointment to see a nurse about her headaches and numbness in her left side, and wanted me to go along with her. She picked me up from work a little before lunch time, and we went to the Millard-Henry Clinic. I was surprised by how quickly we got in, but unimpressed by our visit. Her nurse seemed to just be reading things off of UpToDate, which kind of sounded like WebMD behind a paywall. She asked a few questions, but it really seemed like she was taking a guided program to diagnose the issue.

In the end, we got some prescriptions called in, but then didn’t actually receive the new ones when we stopped by Rose Drug as we left. Summer decided she would just go back later, and instead we went to Stoby’s for lunch. A couple guys came in after us and seemed a bit rude in the way they spoke to our server. They were definitely not there to chit-chat, and ignored common courtesy to start immediately in on their orders. Summer and I finished up pretty quickly, and then went by her house to get her laptop. She decided she wanted to spend the day with me in my office, working from my couch.

I had to go to Oakland for a few things, but finished them up relatively quickly. Then I came back to the shop for a bit before having to wrap things up and go to the high school for our CPPC training. Summer took off and I ran upstairs to deliver some laptops, and then it was off to the new board room at the high school. I arrived early enough to avoid the traffic, and passed a bunch of administrators as they were leaving their own meeting. As I walked in, Ginni immediately called me out with a big smile and asked rhetorically if I was Autumn’s dad. I quipped back that it was only voluntary, and we went back and forth for a moment before I found a seat.

The training was short, and I think the administrators learned more than I did. The lawyer basically reiterated a bunch of the points I made last year, so at least now they’ll be less likely to break the law. It wasn’t a complete waste of time, but I still think we ultimately just need a committee of more rounded, learned individuals.

I rode back to the shop to finish out the day, but didn’t get into anything else. I made it home a little late and waited for Summer and Eaddie to come over. Then we went to my parents’ house for shrimp noodle soup. Autumn decided to go to the kid’s funeral with some of her friends, which annoyed Summer after Autumn went back and forth on how much any of that affected her. The soup was great, and then Dad made a pear cake that we thought was awesome.

The girls dropped me off back at home for the night since it was so late, and I didn’t want to have to get gas just to make it up to their house. My house was hot, which gave me a bit of a headache, so I didn’t get up to anything. Instead, I watched one more episode of She-Hulk and then went to bed.

Breaking all the walls.

Rhoid Rhaige

Today was super uneventful, but I needed the break. We’ve been blocked out of everywhere we need to go, and are waiting on other work to be completed before we can complete our own jobs. What’s worse is that we’re made to work longer days for these three weeks, so we spend all week frustrated with busy work.

I hung around the office all day, and Thomas had a bunch of us help move furniture since he’s being made to clear out his office. The minimalism cult is clearing out anything of comfort for the sake of efficiency. Josh and Jacob brought a couple computer desks back to the shop, where they put them together in the hallway for use when having new users sign in or change passwords. The computers will be unused for most of the months of the year, but c’est la vie.

Brody, Thomas, and I went to Nonna Bella for lunch, and all three had the spaghetti and meatballs. We split an order of cheese bread, and we all left pretty stuffed. The food was good, but I was a little concerned by the amount of cheese on the bread.

The afternoon went by incredibly slowly. I spent most of the time just sitting with Jacob in my office, waiting for the clock to run out. Thomas came back for a bit and chatted with us, but even he knew there wasn’t much we could get up to.

After work, I went home to lie down for a bit before heading up to Summer’s for the evening. I started the lawn mower with a single pull, so Autumn came out obediently to finish mowing. I picked at some leftover coleslaw that was on its way out, and the girls watched TV until bedtime.

aLL tHE sTeARoIDs!


I had a pulmonary function test this morning at Millard Henry, so I made it home early to get ready. A huge storm blew through pretty quickly, and I could hear hail pinging the rooftop. It had died down to a light rain by the time I had to drive across town. I was in and out of the clinic relatively quickly. I didn’t have the greatest confidence in the nurse that helped me, due to the way she kept making excuses for the apparatus. I did three puffs, and then another three after a couple shots of albuterol, and she said the results looked normal.

I stopped by to kill some time with Dad before having to go to work, but forgot he was heading out with his friend Dave to an old classmate’s celebration of life event. I started to go home, but then decided to go up to Summer’s to pick up my medication that I forgot to take with me in the morning.

When I got there, Eaddie was painting while Autumn slept on the couch. The power had gone out a few hours earlier, so I thought I might take them to my house for the day. They thought they might ride bikes, but I told them it was going to rain the entire day. After a little while, the power came back on, so I left them there to go to work.

I met up with the guys at Arby’s because I wanted to try their wagyu burger. It was pretty good, but I don’t think I’d ever actually go to Arby’s to order it again. I like too much of their regular menu to be bothered by ordering something they’re not known for. I still prefer a hot, fresh, Wendy’s burger to just about any other in town.

When I got to the shop, Gary had me image a couple laptops, and then walk across to Transportation to install Adobe on a couple computers. The laptops were done by the time I made it back, so I delivered them to Oakland before coming back to the shop for a group showing of how we were expected to take inventory the rest of the week. When we finished there, Gary wanted to take everyone to a building to show us live, so we went to the Oakland library where several things weren’t actually in the inventory system.

We filtered out a little early, and I headed home for the evening and started some laundry. A couple kids that had been by a few days ago showed back up and rang my doorbell again. I assumed they wanted to mow my lawn, but instead they asked about my Pontiac. The oldest one didn’t look like he was even close to driving age, but he said he would get his permit next year and wanted to buy it. I couldn’t help but laugh, and told him it would be a very poor choice for a first car for a multitude of reasons.

I poked around the rest of the evening, and tried not to go to bed too late. One of the things I poked around with was the succulent in the bathroom window. I cut it pretty low to the base with the hope that it would branch out, and then pulled a couple leaves off to see if they would sprout. It was just getting too tall and boring with its singular trunk.

What the hell do June showers bring?

Facebook Medical Supplies

I slept in a little bit today since I took the morning off for my wellness exam. The girls stayed home since Summer was working in town. I went in for my visit, forgetting that I had filled out my medical form with my preferred first name of Captain Michael of HMSV Manatee. Keely came in wanting to know the story behind it, and we shared a few laughs. We decided to schedule a pulmonary test to make sure my lungs are back up to snuff after COVID, and then I got stuck in both arms looking for enough fluids to get my required bloodwork.

I was pretty hungry when I left, so I went by Superfast to see if Summer wanted to get lunch. She needed to run some errands anyway, so she took me to Harbor Freight, Walmart, and then Western Sizzlin to eat. When I made it to the shop, Gary was the only one there, and he was on his way out. They were shorthanded, so I was the only one in the shop all afternoon.

After a little bit of tinkering, Gary asked me to run over to the new maintenance building with a hotspot, since those guys already started moving computers before we even had internet run to the building. When I got there, they still didn’t even have all of the power run either. I ended up having to bring Chris’s computer back to the shop. I got it going, and then Gary showed up after letting everyone else leave a bit early. We worked out the day, and then I headed home.

Summer said we had an interview with someone from the state police right after work, so I ran home to change and then headed up. There was a wreck holding up traffic along the way, so I was a bit late, but I didn’t really miss anything. The girls were hanging out in the living room, and it was clear with the way Summer was talking that she was just closing things up. We shared some more stories, and then she left, saying the case should be completely closed within a couple days.

Summer left for the gym, and the girls wanted to hang out for a girl’s night, but I never left. They were watching Stranger Things and had Summer come back with some pizza, along with my blood pressure medication. Summer and Autumn went to bed first. Eaddie stayed up doing her paint-by-number, and I tried not to stay up too late.

Teenage girl drama

Something in the Water

I was up at least every hour last night, much like I have been for the past week or so, and it’s been the absolute pits. On top of feeling like I was wide awake and couldn’t fall back asleep every time I laid back down, we ran into some trouble with the water in our motel. There was a bunch of air in the lines, which I tried to purge by running the bath and sink. The loud glurging sound of course woke the girls, and the water started turning brown with lots of sediment. The tub wouldn’t drain either, and basically started filling up as though I had the plug in it.

We all got up and decided to just check out. My parents still had a good shower across town that I wanted to use, so Autumn and I grabbed a few things from the continental breakfast in the office and made our way out. The lady was super friendly and apologetic about the whole thing, and evidently she discovered a problem with the air pump that feeds their water supply. It might have been fine to go back and shower, but by that time we had already packed up and were ready to go.

The Christ of the Ozarks was just at the end of the road, so we drove through there quickly and got a few pictures at Eaddie’s request. Then as we drove through downtown, the girls decided they wanted to go on and find a coffee shop or something that was open while I went to shower.

Mom was still in bed, but started getting around once I got there. I had a nice shower, then caught up with the girls. I chanced it by parking in front of a broken meter, and walked to a few shops with them. I thought we might spend more time there, but they were over it pretty quickly. Autumn got to see her “working bunnies” and bought a shirt. Summer and I went up some stairs above the park in the middle of it all. We thought we might get lunch with my parents, but Summer, Autumn, and I were the only ones that were very hungry.

Instead, we just decided to stop by McDonald’s on the way out of town. They were super busy and clearly understaffed, so we ended up waiting quite a while for our food. The app also let me order a McRib, which they did not have, so I got a refund for that. The food was otherwise good, and I even got a Mario Kart Happy Meal for Eaddie before we headed out.

The drive back was different for some reason. I just trusted Google to get me home, not particularly caring how. We came through Lamar, then hit the interstate, making fairly good time. Autumn had plenty of time to get ready for her evening shift at Denny’s. Eaddie cleaned up a bit and then fell asleep super early. Summer and I just laid on the couch all evening until we decided to make some ramen and then go to bed. I went home to unpack and clean up, but made a quick night of it.

Collecting ALL the vacations…

Half the Gurgle

Last night was really rough at Summer’s with my head cold, so I ended up taking the morning off from work so I could try and sleep in at home. I couldn’t really fall asleep for a few hours, but I got up much more rested after a while, had some leftovers, then went in to work.

Brody got back from lunch just as I was coming in, and came right into my office so I could help with his Visual Studio issue. I don’t know how we’re expected to maintain the “babysitting” functionality of our student devices if we’re also forced to allow them to execute whatever files they want.

Eaddie forgot her phone at home this morning and also needed a ride home from Oakland, so I ended the day there to replace a video cable. Then we went to my house to watch an episode of Stranger Things. When Brody finished at the gym, he met me at Lowe’s to try and buy a fridge, but we were told they no longer did a military discount on large appliances. He went along his way while I redeemed over $1000 in gift cards toward the purchase. At least I got a price match to a cheaper store.

When I got back to the house, Eaddie had fallen asleep on the couch and had her hoodie completely covering her head. I poked her a little bit, then let her nap while I went to my room. When she finally got up, I convinced her to finish the episode with me, and then I tried to get Autumn to take her home. Autumn ended up working an hour later at work though, so I took Eaddie home and took the opportunity to lie down with Summer for a bit.

I took some medicine and decided to go back home to avoid another night of gurgling condensation in my CPAP. At least the sore throat is gone now.

Fuck that, get money.

Of Milk

I woke up really early today for a Saturday. Eaddie got up to go help at a robotics tournament at Tech, and Autumn got up to go to her father’s for the weekend. When Summer left for the gym, I went home for a while to clean up. I finished up some leftover breakfast pizza, did the dishes, and got showered so I could run some of my smoked cheese over to Robert and Grant in the afternoon.

They looked to have been closed for a little while, and were busy cleaning up. We chatted just briefly, and then I went on home to wait for Summer. She had to get Eaddie back home to change, then drop her off at her friend’s house for her birthday party later in the evening.

We went to Walmart just because I hadn’t been in quite a while. I was really hoping to find something interesting, but all I got was some deodorant and bread that were being cleared out. Summer wanted to meet up with Justin and Ashlen to take a picture in front of the “coming soon” sign on their new carwash lot. Then we ran home before going to the bowling alley.

Strikers was super busy, and we had to wait for a lane to open up since they wouldn’t take a reservation. Summer thought we would need two, but between me not bowling and several others not making it, they fit in one. She got everyone pizza, and then we got some fried pickles and cheese curds. I ran into Robin and her family while we were there, and caught up with her just briefly.

Summer wanted to leave after one game, so she paid for the team to have one more after we left, and then we had to take Eaddie some stuff since she decided to stay the night with Maristella. Afterward, Summer really wanted some ice cream, so we went to Dairy Queen to redeem my birthday BOGO Blizzards.

The ice cream was super melty, so I didn’t eat much of mine. She nearly finished hers, and then I froze the rest so we could go to bed. She started watching her baking shows until she started to fall asleep. Then I finished my chores before crashing.

I simply will not tolerate this.


My left foot and leg felt a little swollen yesterday evening and even last night whenever I’d stir from sleep. It never really got any better all day, so I was moderately concerned. I assume it’s from toying with my blood pressure medication, so I’ll need to schedule an appointment and decide whether I want a new primary care physician soon.

I made it out of the house early so I could pick Gary up for work. Then Justin came down to let me bounce some ideas off of him before our CPPC meeting. That was entertaining, as I did a bunch more talking again. Even Karen had more on her agenda than anyone realized. I had to compromise on the changes I wanted to make, but was ultimately satisfied enough with where we left it. For the life of me, though, I could not understand why so many people wanted to defend the notion that they should just do whatever their supervisor says, when they clearly had the option to maintain some level of control over their situations. People are dumb.

Brody and I were the only two to go to lunch, so I thought we might try CiCi’s, but he was really craving Venezia’s. The service was a little slow and the bread was super flat for some reason, but everything else was good. I didn’t even get into an argument with anyone about why my flavor preferences were incorrect.

I spent the remainder of the afternoon bouncing between different projects and trying to organize my thoughts for the meeting minutes. I had to drop Gary off back at home, and I thought I was going to have to get Eaddie since Autumn had her first evening working at Denny’s. Summer was home with a bum eye though, and decided to pick her up for me. They ended up stopping by though, since I brought them a couple leftover cupcakes.

The remainder of the evening was laundry, laundry, laundry, a mile on the treadmill, and not enough time tinkering to actually make any sense of my new RGB software. Maybe someday.

Draw Focus