Run For Your Life

I slept the best that I’ve slept for at least a month last night, and woke up mere seconds before my alarm went off, ready to face the day. I had plenty of time to get to work a couple minutes early and prepared myself a perfect cup of coffee for our meeting. Brody was told to come on down to the shop in spite of his masked status, so I just tried to keep my distance, and wore my mask any time we had to cross paths. Fortunately I was still able to help him over the phone after he left, because that’s what I did most of the day.

A group of us went to Quiznos for lunch, and I think they gave me a sandwich that was larger than they should have for my sandwich and soup combo. The chicken tortilla soup was awesome, but I dropped the last half of it in the floor on accident because we were trying to eat around a table that was simply too small for five of us.

I finally finished up my CPPC meeting minutes draft after staying half an hour late, and then headed home to get another package that had been intercepted by either Bác Vân or Doug. It’s really more annoying than anything, but I guess I’ll appreciate it more if I ever have something irreplaceable stolen.

I don’t think Autumn went to school, and instead was supposed to get a COVID test done because she said she hadn’t been feeling well the last couple of days. Summer got home late, but said Autumn was “ok,” which I thought meant she had a negative test. When I got to their house, I had gotten no more than two spoonfuls of soup into my mouth when Autumn said something about still being sick but not knowing what it was.

After wrestling with her in the bedroom, I knew I had to drop everything to wash up. Autumn is by far the least hygienic of any of the kids, so even when she’s not sick, touching her usually warrants a handwash. She’s embarrassingly disgusting almost all of the time, but this time I was literally afraid for my life. I still remember COVID. Nobody around me seems to be taking it at all seriously, and I just assume I’ll be the one to pay for it.

I ran out the door for home, shaking and crying out of some emotion or another. I had the worst fever of my entire life when I got COVID last year. The pneumonia had me down for weeks afterward, and I still have panic attacks that appear to just be a normal part of my life now. It’s uncontrollable and terrifying, but I deal with it well because of how self aware I am. Maybe that gives off a vibe that I’m not worried about it, but I’m actually always scared.

I shook it off the best I could when I got home. When I finally got settled in, I put on Don’t Look Up to get my mind off of things. As soon as the movie was over, it was straight to the bottle, though.

Maybe this isn’t working.


I was sleeping really deeply this morning, or perhaps really lightly. In either case, I barely crawled out of bed after seriously contemplating calling in sick. I squeaked into work and had just enough time to get settled and review some of the CPPC meeting notes before I had to walk across the street.

Judy brought donuts, and it was a pretty productive meeting. We voted on some new policies and a modification to the new salary schedule to be implemented this summer. As we wrapped up, I took a couple donuts back to the office for later. It was about lunch time, so after a little bit of poking around, Zach, Gary, and I went to Sam’s.

I tried the Sam’s Special with fried shrimp, which was pretty unimpressive. It wasn’t bad, but it just wasn’t nearly as good as anything else I’ve ever had there. Gary’s gyro looked pretty good though. Zach gave me a couple chicken strips to supplement my baby shrimp, so I was happy.

After lunch, Kyle and I went to run cable at Crawford and Oakland, while Greg and Zach drilled holes on the outside of the building to mount a couple wireless access points. That took us the rest of the day, and I was pretty tired afterward. Eaddie was at Oakland, so I took her with me to drop Kyle off, and then we went to my house to change.

When we got to their house, I started to assemble a ham bone soup in the Instant Pot. Summer picked up celery and onion for me, but I had the rest of what I needed here. I mixed a half cup of every kind of bean I could find here, and the soup turned out pretty good. I wish I could have left it to depressurize naturally, because I think the beans would have been fully cooked then, but it wasn’t bad.

Autumn went to some church event, and then came home complaining about not feeling well. She told Summer she wants to get tested, which infuriates me. I almost hope I die from COVID so she’ll feel some kind of remorse for going out and socializing like an idiot.

I don’t really want to die from it, though…

See You Later

I was early enough this morning that I stopped by Casey’s for a free Rockstar. We had a nice, long, quiet meeting to ease into work, and lunch time showed up super fast. As everyone else left to eat, I went to Oakland to finish up some work orders. Then I was done for the day so I could go to my eye appointment.

I had enough time to go home and eat some leftovers. Then I went to see Summer at work until my appointment time. When I got to Russellville Eye Clinic, they had no record of an appointment for me, so they scheduled one with a different doctor for a week from Monday. We should be out of work early enough that I can make it, but I’m not super concerned after burning half a sick day today.

I ended up going back to the shop and sitting in the unseasonably warm and breezy air until Summer got off work. Then we went to Walmart to shop for a bit. She couldn’t find any cleats at Walmart, so we went to T.J. Maxx and Shoe Carnival before giving up. I dropped her off at her car and went home until it was time for our gathering.

Julie had a package she wanted me to pick up, so I got that and then got stuck at a train for several minutes on the way to get Summer. While I was parked there, a guy on a bicycle paced back and forth across the road until he finally gave up and climbed up between two train cars with his bicycle. He made it, but I kind of wished the train had started to move just to mess with him.

We made it to Travis’s before John and Melissa, and ate a bunch of pizza before they got there. Then we chatted for a while and started drinking a bit before breaking out Melissa’s game, Spontuneous. It was slightly more fun than I expected, but I’m not sure it was fun enough to repeat. We stuck around for a bit longer afterward, but had to leave early for Summer’s exercise event in the morning.

The girls were already in bed when we got home, so we crashed as quickly as we could.


Cleanup Checkup

The kids all made it to school and work this morning, which let Summer and me sleep in a bit. Summer left to shop for an ugly sweater while I cleaned up at home. Then we went to her follow-up appointment at the clinic. The doctor and nurse went on about how much tissue they serrated-ice-cream-scooped out of her, but it was all benign, so hopefully the procedure will have the desired result.

It was a quick appointment, and we were hungry, so our next stop was New China for lunch. I didn’t have a single grain of rice, and it made me feel weird about the visit, but I also didn’t feel super stuffed when we left. We headed back home and lounged around for a while before getting back up to clean up outside. I was surprised I still had hot coals in the fire pit, but I guess we did burn a lot of wood, so there was a lot of ash to insulate them.

When we finished outside, Summer went home to do some cleaning of her own while I filed paperwork inside. Then she and Eaddie came back over to get me for Autumn’s band concert in the evening. We got there early because Autumn did a poor job of informing us of the event, so we caught the last middle school band before the high school started.

Surprisingly, some of the middle school sounded better than the worst junior high band from the other day. The high school only had two bands, which were fine. The symphonic band seemed to be cheating with the pieces they had for their trip to Carnegie Hall. There were constantly so many notes that they masked any possible mistakes throughout the performance.

Eaddie went with Autumn to a group IHOP meet after the concert, so Summer dropped me off and I wound down for the day by testing my Pixel Buds and catching up on normal computery stuff that I do every day.

Three down, half to go.

Burn it Down

Summer and I woke up super early, but with just enough time to get dressed and drive to the hospital. Her ablation wouldn’t actually take place for a couple hours, but we had to be there at six to start her on the medication before surgery. I waited patiently in the dark, playing on my phone. It could have been less comfortable, but they weren’t great digs.

My right Pixel Bud died while the left was still around 70%, and I’ve only got a few days of warranty left. That will require some testing, like right now. We finally left the hospital around 11 and went to Rose Drug to pick up her prescription. Then we stopped by KFC to pick up lunch on the way back home.

Summer pretty much slept the rest of the day, so I played a lot of Don’t Starve. I eventually took a shower, and then she did the same so we could go to Eaddie’s Christmas concert. We stopped by KFC on the way to pick up the fries they forgot to give me with our lunch order. Then we went to my house for a few minutes before the concert.

I walked around the house to inspect for the cause of the crashing sound on my security camera overnight, but couldn’t find anything. Then we headed to the Performing Arts Center for the concert. Noah surprised us with his presence, and we sat through one terrible performance, one that should have been the worst of the night, and then Eaddie’s band, which was still worse than I anticipated.

I think the problem is that being around Eaddie, my expectations have been misguided. I assume everyone is as good as her, considering that she’s in the best of three different bands. That’s simply not the case. Even the smallest, best band that she is in, is full of people that can’t keep time or hit notes. Hopefully they beat that out of them in high school, but I think I’m more looking forward to the college years.

After the concert, Noah was going to come stay the night. He didn’t make it before everyone was off to bed though. Even I couldn’t stay up any longer after such an early morning.

That’s a helluva way to celebrate Pearl Harbor Day.

Let’s See What We Can Stirrup

I got to sleep in for about an hour compared to my normal work alarm since Summer wanted me to go to her appointment with her. She went in to work for a bit, so I got up to a hard boiled egg for breakfast before going home to shower. Then I picked her up and we went to Millard Henry. The appointment took a little while, but it wasn’t ridiculous. They did a good job of spacing patients out so there was hardly anyone inside while we waited.

After the appointment, we stopped across the street so I could give Aaron a projector remote. Then I dropped Summer off at work before going to McAlister’s to pick up some lunch for us. She wanted Stoby’s, but I had a free potato that expired at the end of the month, and I couldn’t trust that I’d ever end up eating there otherwise. I went back to the shop to eat with her, and then headed home for the day.

I was on my feet for the rest of the afternoon and on into the late evening, rearranging furniture and cleaning things up. I opened the garage and back doors to let the cooler air flow through the house all day long. I felt pretty good about what I accomplished, but there’s still so much more. At least now I have room for the loveseat, while still having an exit path out the back door. I ended the night cleaning some more carpet, but this time it was in a different area, so I didn’t go crazy.

This felt like an incredibly long day.

Going for Broke

Thomas and Gary were both out today, and Zach texted me before work to say he was getting donuts and would be late, which meant the shop was extra quiet when I got there. We all gathered for a really relaxed meeting and mostly talked off-topic for a while until a couple groups left to work on some stuff together. I was left in the shop all alone for a while, since Tammy and Kelsea both had a meeting to attend early in the day.

Everyone came back around for lunch, and we went for something completely different – Cracker Barrel. I actually thought I’d eat a pretty light meal just because I never remember getting filled with their portions, but then our waitress brought out cornbread and biscuits and gravy for us all to share. I ended up getting the Friday Fish Fry, which was a pretty good sized plate, too.

After lunch, I had to call Arvest to try and figure out why my mileage check was returned and I was charged an $8 chargeback on my account. The kid I talked to left me on hold for a really long time and then came back completely unable to help. Then I had a quick conference call with Nanoleaf to review something new before running to Oakland to finish up a couple more work orders.

On the way back to the shop, I decided to stop at the physical bank so I could talk to someone face-to-face. He found, as I sort of suspected, that the mobile check deposit had truncated a part of the check numbers, so the system couldn’t complete the transfer. Upon calling someone, they advised him not to negotiate the check because I would need a new one from the school. I argued that, since the first one was only a picture that technically had different numbers on it, then the original check I had given to him was technically a different check and should still be valid. He basically winked and slid the check back to me, and I went on to fight that another day.

When I made it back to the shop after school, I chatted with Tammy a bit until it was time to fill out time sheets and go home. I tried on some more clothes I got in and put together a new hamper, building up an intense headache along the way. That continued to radiate through my entire skull and neck all evening even as I made my way up to Summer’s. I laid in bed with her for a bit, and then got cleaned up for bed so I could crash.

Pain, pain, go away!

Cool, Sweat!

It almost felt cool outside this morning after so much heat. I took the Grom to work, and we almost immediately went outside to move a truck bed full of Chromebooks to fifth grade. Once we got into that, I couldn’t stop sweating until we made it back and I sat down inside. I had to import those devices into Destiny for student checkout, and then I just had to sporadically help others with things from the office.

Nobody was responsive about lunch, but Josh and Thomas were in the building, so we tried going to Mulan’s. I beat them there and saw a sign that they’re closed on Wednesdays from now on. We made a split second decision to go to Sam’s instead, and I had some gumbo that was probably a better life choice anyway.

I spent some time in the afternoon at Oakland just to see people filter back in and accomplish what I could. Then I went back to the shop to shut everything down and rode to my parents’ house.

Dad was released from the hospital with a relatively clean bill of health, and he was up and around the house helping Mom with some chores. We ate some leftovers and chatted for a bit, but Mom was mostly asleep on the couch. Things were mostly back to normal after such a surprisingly rough day yesterday.

My sinus nonsense has gotten worse over the course of a week or so, and I really felt it in my head and chest by the end of the day. Something also had my left foot in quite a bit of pain all day. I was just going to stay home for the night, but I needed some cuddles.

Autumn was a little upset that she wouldn’t get to sleep with Summer, but I don’t know why she’d want her that close after this weekend. She’s really playing the baby card again, and I’m not falling for it. Eaddie was in her room the entire night talking to her boyfriend, so I was left to medicate and go to sleep.

Today’s problem is brought to you by the letters D, R, and S, and by librarians that don’t understand alphanumeric order.

Don’t Stress About It

I just barely got around to work this morning, and it was really tempting to take half a day just to sleep in after the long night. It’s been cooler, so I took the R1 to work and made it just in time. Everyone was off doing work orders, so I packed up some things I needed and headed to Oakland to close out what work orders I could.

Just as I was getting to head back to the shop, Julie called and said Dad was at the hospital because he needed CPR after his stress test. Evidently they gave him a shot instead of making him walk on the treadmill, and something didn’t agree with him in a big way.

I ran across town to see him, and though he was awake, he was in pretty rough shape. Julie was still on the way from work, so I stayed there for about an hour as he dry heaved and even looked like he had a seizure after his heart rate dropped during a heaving spell. They didn’t want to let anyone else in, but Julie convinced them to let us swap out. I went back to work just as he was trying to fall asleep, and his heart rate was still falling below 50bpm pretty regularly.

I spent the afternoon at the shop, partially helping Zach move his office into my old office. When it was time to leave, I went home to change and retrieved a package that Bác Vân signed for. Julie came by and got Dad’s phone from me since I forgot it in my pocket when I left.

Once the girls were home, I left to return something to Walmart and then headed up to their house for dinner. Summer had picked up a Little Caesar’s pizza for dinner, but I really wanted a burrito. Naturally I had a bit of both and went to bed with some wicked heartburn on top of the sinus congestion I already had. I decided to go ahead and start Modern Family with Summer, but I think Eaddie will be catching up to us as well.

Never tell me the odds.

Single File to the Cioppa!

I couldn’t sleep in much today, and got up to rummage for some leftovers for breakfast. We sat around for a bit before Summer went to the gym and I headed home to try and motivate myself back into cleaning. I got some piles of old paperwork sorted and trashed or filed, and did a few odds and ends here and there. Summer came over after the gym and put in some major work in the back yard. She stacked all of the firewood that was piled up in the back, and even consolidated the larger logs that will have to be split later.

Every time I went outside, my body started to just seep moisture from every surface. I don’t know how Summer does it, and I absolutely hate it. I’m just ready for winter to come along so we can burn some wood now. I couldn’t believe she finished the entire pile of wood, so I treated her to a steak dinner at Colton’s.

Nearing the end of our meal, Cole and Aimee were seated at a table next to us, and I hadn’t seen Cole in several years. We didn’t chat too long though, since they had other family there as well. When we left, we came back to my house for the evening. Summer watched some TV while I just barely poked around, not feeling super smurfy. It really feels like a switch was flipped, and I’m just completely drained all of the time now. Everything hurts, and is more difficult than it should be.

This just won’t do.