Apparent Heat

I woke up early and thought I’d stay up, but ended up sleeping hard for a few more hours. Eaddie had to go play in the band for graduation, and Summer went out to mow while I ate and showered. Afterward I went outside to find her, but the humidity and heat just made me feel sick. I wanted to get on the roof to clean out the gutters, but it just didn’t happen. Summer was sapped as well, and wanted to watch the second X-Men movie.

We came inside and I assembled the Chia herb garden that Dad gave me. Then we settled in to watch X2. By the time we finished that, Summer was ready for bed. I dawdled for a while, but after Eaddie made it home, I eventually went to sleep.

Back before post-credits scenes…

The Stumble Guy

Summer decided she needed to go terminate some folks in Greenbrier today, so we thought we’d make a day of it. I got cleaned up and left Eaddie home since she had some work to do. I got us to the wash, and we only barely escaped being sideswiped once. Summer would be a while, so I had to kill some time. My first stop was McDonald’s, but I couldn’t get anything there because they said they were struck by lightning and had a couple fires in the kitchen. I offered to help if the problem taking orders was with their computer system, but the “owner wouldn’t let them use the fire extinguisher,” so they wouldn’t let me help either.

I drove around the parking lot and found Dollar Tree, and I managed to spend enough time there that Summer was ready to go just as I checked out. I picked her up and we headed to Conway where we tried to eat at Los 3 Potrillos. They had a 20 minute wait to be seated, so we left there and headed downtown where by complete luck we stumbled into Toad Suck Daze. We ate at a place called Salsa’s that was super good.

After we ate, we walked around downtown to see what was there. It seemed like it was mostly vendors, but then we found a bunch of carnival rides. Just as we decided we were finished, we ran into Ernie while he was taking a smoke break from hanging out at the renaissance festival tent.

We eventually made it out of downtown and headed to Kohl’s for some shopping. Summer wanted to look for some shoes, but was misguided by the purposefully difficult pricing there, so we stopped into Shoe Carnival and got her a couple pairs. By then it was time to make it across town for our movie. As we pulled into the parking lot, I thought we’d have a moment to stop at Bargain Hunt again, but we ran out of time quickly and the checkout line was long, so we ran out of there and made it to the movie.

Without a doubt, we thought The Fall Guy was an awesome flick. It was paced well, and we had a good time the entire time. Afterward, we headed straight home and settled in pretty quickly.

What is a Toad Suck, anyway?


Aches and pains slowly dissipated today, but I think getting up and moving around had as much to do with it as anything. I’d been wanting to see The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, so I convinced the girls to take a trip to Conway to see it. Summer went to the gym and then took care of something at work, and Eaddie went to a bake sale while I showered and got ready. By the time we got out and into Conway, I was pretty hungry for some lunch. I took us to Bulgogi for some overpriced ramen, which was tasty. Then we killed some time shopping until the movie. We went to Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, and then a junk store by the theater.

As soon as we got into our auditorium for the movie, Eaddie accidentally spilled our Coke because they gave us a really flimsy, crumply cup. Luckily it didn’t seem to get absolutely everywhere, and I just had to go wash my hands. The girls survived with only a little splash damage. We all enjoyed the movie pretty well, but I was a bit surprised by the way the screentime was split between the actors. It was a good movie, but I guess it was just how they filmed things happening in different places.

I wasn’t done in Conway after the movie, and I took the girls hostage for a night of walking down the strip mall from Kohl’s all the way down to Target. I think they shopped a little more than they would admit, and even stopped to hula hoop at Shoe Carnival for a moment. The weather and the atmosphere outside just reminded me of the summer after high school, and it made me long for a simpler time.

We pretty well closed down the shopping center, and then headed home. The girls went to bed while I chased down ants in the kitchen. I put out a whole bunch of Terro around the stove, and they absolutely swarmed to it. Hopefully they’ll be gone by morning, but I already had to give them a refill once.


Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

Summer really wanted to go to the movies today, so we got up and ready to go to Conway for the day. Eaddie wanted to stay home, so we ran the mouse trap by for Dad to fix up and then headed out of town. We went to China Town to eat first. Then I really wanted to go to Sam’s to see if they had anything worth buying a membership for. Failing that, we circled back to Home Depot and picked up a whole bunch of planters on sale for my parents and ourselves.

We got to the theater with plenty of time to load up on popcorn. The auditorium itself was pretty small and I was frustrated by the number of people that were literally just talking through the entire movie. Summer had decided on Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire, which I didn’t think was bad, but neither of us felt super strongly about it.

Once we got back into town, I rode some planters over to my parents’ house, and then came back home to test some placements around the front entryway and the back deck. Summer got cold outside, so we came in and watched The Marvels since she had never seen it. Eaddie was out a little late, but came home just as the movie was finishing up. It wasn’t too long before everyone was off to sleep.

Puppies. Love them or kill them?

Modern Driver Jackery

Eaddie wanted to drive to school today, so I bundled up and took the Shadow to work. Things were quiet for a change, so I mostly just tinkered with Modern Driver Management all day. I never got it working quite right, but at least I didn’t permanently break my task sequence.

After work, I fed the fish and made it home. Summer was working on the couch again, so I took the Onewheel out for a hard ride around the neighborhood. Then I stopped by my parents’ house for a few minutes before heading on home for the night.

Summer said she wanted nachos, and I had been thinking about Taco Villa all evening, so I ran across town to bring some home. After we ate, we settled in and watched A Quiet Place Part 2 before bed. Eaddie was out late with friends, but we saw her briefly before she went to bed herself.


All Outta Buckets

I went to bed super late but still woke up before everyone else. I got around and showered, and we were just walking out the door when Mom called and required that we stop by their house to see Uncle Giao and Aunt Teresa on our way out of town. We breezed through and then made good time to Conway where we stopped to eat. Frustratingly, Red Robin had closed permanently and was replaced by some new barbecue place. We backtracked and had lunch at Golden Corral, which actually really impressed everyone with the quality of food for a lunch rush.

We didn’t have any extra time to shop, and made it to Little Rock just in time to get settled in for the movie. I had a whole bunch of free snacks for my birthday, but the popcorn didn’t taste spectacular. I wasn’t terribly surprised to see they were out of the Dune popcorn buckets, but I was disappointed to have missed out. I thought the second installment was good, but long. I don’t know what could have been cut or sped up, but it just didn’t feel like it covered that much ground. At the very least, it could have explained some things better in that amount of time. It was a spectacle though, and overall I think we all enjoyed it. At least the girls didn’t fall asleep.

We headed back to Conway after the movie and stopped at Home Depot, Old Navy, and Kohl’s to shop a bit. I didn’t find the deal I was seeking at Home Depot, but we did run into Jacob looking for something of his own. He indicated that three of them were expecting to move up into the Tech III tier for next year, which is great for them and frustrating for me. I can’t believe I’m doing what I’m doing for the same rate of pay, and I can’t believe even more that Kim won’t shut her mouth about wanting a raise for whatever the hell she does on her phone all day.

It was a struggle to get Eaddie to try anything on at either of the clothing stores, and we ultimately left empty-handed. We got home and I took a quick wheel around the block before we all settled in for the night.

Ya hya chouhada!

Clammy Wednesday

My temperature was down under 100ยบ this morning, so I went back to work. Kim kept wanting to talk at me, and Denice kept bringing kids back for testing, one at a time. I had to turn her daughter away when she tried to come get her backpack out of her office. She started to get an attitude with me, and the whole ordeal is kind of coming to a head for me.

I brought along some ramen in case all the cafeteria had was hotdogs, but they ended up baking potatoes too. Otherwise it was a long afternoon of humidity and slight sweatiness until I finally got to head home.

Summer warmed up some leftovers for dinner, so I fed the fish and grabbed a couple things to take home. The three of us ate, and then I rode the Onewheel to the Neighborhood Market for a couple things. It was pretty nice out, so I dropped that stuff off at home and then went to my parents’ house to see them for a bit. Dad and I went out to fly his little drone a bit, and we kept crashing when the thing was set to use GPS. Flying without was much better.

Afterward, I saw a kid riding a Onewheel on the next street up, so I rode up to try and find him. It ended up being the son of The Sign Hub folks. I met Nick and chatted with him for a little bit, but their son was off doing other things by then. I continued on home, slowly rolling by to chat with a couple old ladies that were walking the neighborhood.

The girls were both off to bed pretty early. I went out to check on the empty rat traps, and Summer and I watched What Women Want, which I don’t think aged super well. Then it was bedtime.

What an ass.

Teenager Berries

I took some guaifenesin last night to dry up the crud in my chest, and it seemed to work pretty well. I woke up early and then dozed off a bit after Summer got out of bed. She went to the gym and Eaddie went to a band thing at Tech, so I got around to some coffee and eventually a shower.

Summer wanted to clean house a bit and then cook fajitas for dinner, so we went to the Neighborhood market to get groceries. I cleaned and cut up strawberries for shortcakes when we got back, and some of the berries had seeds with leaves on them. One of them in particular reminded me of a patchy high schooler’s beard, or a transition gone awry. I left it out to sprout and see if we could get any strawberry plants out of it.

Once Summer got the shortcake into the oven, we went outside so she could try riding around on the Onewheel. She got her first few falls and scrapes out of the way, but overall did a great job of moving slowly down the road and making turns. I just kept emphasizing that it was better to bail early than try and ride it out when you’re just getting started, because skill at bailing, running it out, or even falling is just as important as skill at riding.

Eaddie eventually made it home after also going to my parents’ house to rake some more leaves, but then she wanted to go out on her bicycle. Evidently Eli came over as well, and I rode around the block to find him walking alongside her on the bicycle toward my parents’ house. I popped in to say hello, and then headed back home to cook.

We considered putting the leftover chicken and some fresh veggies on the flat top to grill outside, but I ended up just heating it up on the skillet over the stove instead. I didn’t have very much room, but it worked alright and didn’t take as long to get heated up as it would have taken outside for such a small amount of food. I also cooked some black beans in the Instant Pot that turned out pretty good, though next time I’ll let the “bean/chili” setting finish instead of following some arbitrary recipe I found online.

The four of us started to play a game after dinner, and I excitedly brought out Hail Hydra, but I think it wanted at least five players. Eaddie kept fussing that she didn’t remember anything about Hydra anyway, and wanted to watch the movie instead. We all settled in and watched Captain America: The First Avenger, though Summer went to bed partway through. I enjoyed revisiting the movie, but seeing all of the hokey 3D stuff without 3D glasses felt a little silly. It was a silly movie anyway.

Eli left and Eaddie crashed as soon as the movie was over. Summer stayed up in bed to watch baking shows until I finished my own chores. I guess we plan to make more food tomorrow.

And why not? We like to eat.

Raya and the Blackest Dragon

Everyone slept super late today. I got up first, and started making breakfast croissants. We had some leftover ham we had frozen a while back, and I fried up slices of that with some eggs and cheese. They were really awesome with the “everything” croissants. It was pretty yucky out all day, but Summer went to the gym and I cleaned up the kitchen before running outside to run the sump and then taking a shower.

We really didn’t do anything after that until dinner time. Eaddie had a bunch of dreams about food last night, so I took that inspiration and made some pizza on toast with leftover pizza dipping sauce, slices of mozzarella, and some hard salami that Summer was letting go bad slowly in the refrigerator. Eaddie and I tried melting some old chocolate to dip strawberries, but that didn’t work well. At least we ate the chocolate and got it out of the cabinet. I was still hungry, so I had some leftover turkey soup.

Summer and I watched Raya an the Last Dragon, and I found Awkwafina’s voice to be completely out of place and offputting for the story. It made the whole movie feel less authentic, and took a lot of weight out of the theme for me. It just felt cheap.

Eaddie didn’t even bother watching with us, and went to her room. Summer quickly went to bed after it was over, and I ended the night by paying some bills.

What is culture, anyway?

Unbox Therapy

I woke up pretty early today, and it was warm enough in bed all night that it didn’t feel cold to be wandering around the house. I played my daily puzzles on the couch until Summer got up, and then I made myself a coffee. I took that with me as I set up the Steam Deck in the sunroom, where Summer showed me that one of my plants had leaked water on the table, so I had to clean that up.

Summer went to the gym and I put on some music while I did the dishes and started going through boxes to unpack and arrange some things. I had a shower, and then fixed the bedroom door into the nook where the screws were stripped out of the hinges, and also the spring-loaded pegs that keep the sunroom doors shut. For a brief moment I thought I might go out on the Onewheel for a bit, but it seemed really cold.

I had a burger in the afternoon, and then kept picking at random things. Eaddie was at a robotics tournament all day, so Summer and I settled down to watch John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch. Eaddie got home partway through that, but then left for a while longer before coming home and going to her room for the night. After the show, Summer went to bed and I watched Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse. The Spider-Verse movies are incredible, and it’s a shame Sony hasn’t been able to really nail any of their other Marvel properties the same way.

When I go home, I stay off 285