Time is Money

Summer took the Model 3 to Little Rock this morning since the Model Y wasn’t charged quite enough to get her around to everywhere she might want to go, so I took the Y to work. I made the mistake of stopping by McDonald’s for a coffee on the way in, and I went from being about five minutes early to about 20 minutes late. The drive-through there is always pretty slow, but today was the worst I had seen it.

Shortly after I got there, I received a call from Gary at Green Bay Packaging with a job offer. I wouldn’t know the details until I received the official offer letter from HR later in the afternoon. Kim came in late again today, which had me wondering how she was keeping track of her comp time if she plans to take off extra time during the year. Shortly after she got there, I got another call from Entergy to schedule an interview. Every bit of this has happened at the least opportune time, but this year has been nothing but chaos from the start.

We spent a lot of time tracking down Chromebooks to have repaired under warranty, and I spent a while troubleshooting some of them in the afternoon. Kim left pretty early, and since I didn’t own the entire process, I couldn’t actually lay hands on every single device I wanted to ship off for repairs, so I’ll have to dig into that again tomorrow.

I headed home a bit late and charged the Y for a bit before heading to Summer’s. I had some promo drinks from Chick-fil-A and Sonic, so I stopped for those on the way. Summer shredded some chicken to help finish up some of the taco stuff from the other day, so we ate that, and then I made a root beer float with one of my drinks.

Summer and I chatted for a little bit about the opportunities I have, and then she went to bed with a headache and some sinus issues. Eaddie ended up coming out of her room to hang out with me for a couple hours, and we talked and went through a bunch of old photos together. I’ll have to come up with some answers pretty quickly, all while trying to be respectful of everyone else who will be affected by my decisions. I suppose these are finally some good problems to have, but it would help to know what I really want out of the deal.

Wake up, you need to make money!

Care and Confidence

I was pretty tired today, but I surprisingly made it in to work a little early. It helped that there was almost no school traffic through Dardanelle. It was hard for me to get started on anything in particular, and I’m still feeling lost on some of the most important things I need to learn, but later in the afternoon it got easier to focus. Having noisy kids in and out of the room all day gets super old, and makes it hard to concentrate. On the other hand, I won’t have Kim there over the summer to help me know what I need to be doing.

I skipped lunch and worked a little bit late, and then went straight to my parents’ house for some shrimp soup. Summer left her car to charge at my house again, so I got it after I ate and took it home to her. Autumn had Adam over for her birthday, and they all had pizza for dinner and were playing Mario Party when I got there.

I was surprised to already see an invite for the second round of interviews at Green Bay Packaging this morning, since he said that process would probably take a couple months. Gary wanted to schedule me for next week, so I figure I can knock that out and then come right back home for the MASS testing at the nuclear plant. I’ve never had so many opportunities sprung on me at once.

After they finished their game, Eaddie wanted me to cut her hair. High on the recent rush of confidence-inspiring events, I took her out back and we chopped off several inches. It took me a little bit to get it to look right from all angles, but in the end we quit when it got too dark to see, and she was super happy with it. I figure now’s my chance to decline all of these offers and go straight to opening my own salon – Captain’s Cuts.

You’ll like the cut of your jib, or your money back!