Lab for One

There was no way I was getting to work on time in the rain this morning. I forgot my routine for summer hours, only barely remembering that we would work four ten-hour days. I resigned myself to picking up some Burger King so I wouldn’t starve for lunch, and made it in about five or ten minutes late. I was by myself all day. It looked like Denice had been in her office at some point, but otherwise I never actually saw her.

I spent the entire day imaging lab computers and updating network equipment. I got nearly all of Jaime’s lab finished, and got rid of most of the boxes that were stacked in front of my desk. Tim called to say they fixed the Pathfinder, so we can go pick it up tomorrow. Becky came in a couple times to get trash and then invited me to have breakfast with them in the mornings in the life sciences classroom.

It was a ghost town by the time I left, which made me wonder when everyone else left. Being completely solo, and working more hours than Kim, I really don’t have a clue when I’m allowed to duck out a little bit early.

When I got to the old house, Dad was there with a guy down the street cutting branches off of the fallen tree. He wanted to get quotes for insurance, and the tree removal alone would have been slightly more than his deductible, so it didn’t seem to make sense to start removal if nothing was seriously broken. He did uncover the air conditioner though, and without any damage, it started up just fine.

The mini fridge fit in Dad’s trunk perfectly, so we took it to the new house after stopping by his house to get the rice dispenser he had already picked up from Bác Vân’s house for me. We should have left the fridge outside to defrost, but we brought it in and left it in the entryway.

Once Eaddie got home, we went to Dardanelle for dinner and ice cream at Bocadillos. The food wasn’t bad, but the service was. The girl just didn’t seem to want to be there at all. We chatted and stuffed ourselves before heading back to town. I thought we’d swing by the store to find Summer, but she was having a very bad day. She wouldn’t be home until late, so we headed home to find water all over the entryway.

I crawled around and cleaned up the water, and set the fridge up in the dining area. I think it’d probably be better in the living room, but I’d want to put something under it to keep it from leaking onto the carpet. Summer eventually made it home and I put her to bed quickly before heading to sleep myself. We were both completely burned out from the day, and needed much rest.

Government wouldn’t do something like that…

Good Day Bad Day Good Day

I got out in time for a comfortable McGriddle this morning, but the day quickly turned south as I encountered sudden and unexpected issues with one of my domain controllers, I guess. One of the newer computers I’d imaged had been deleted from Active Directory somehow, and I had no logs to show how or why. I did find my secondary DC was completely out of disk space though, so I had to figure out how to remove a recovery partition and expand the volume that was full to make room. Hopefully that fixed that issue, but it still took a couple trips across the entire campus.

Today started teacher appreciation week, so a bank grilled burgers for us. Overall there aren’t nearly as many offerings as I’m accustomed to in a larger area, but they were no less appreciated. I just wished I had gotten more than one cookie.

After work, I fed the fish and took a handful of stuff home. Eaddie was wasting away while Summer baked a cheesecake. After the cheesecake, she was craving a leftover brat, so she encouraged Eaddie and I to go out together. We ended up at La Huerta and had a good talk. When we got back to the house, she had questions about credit and interest, so I got my laptop and we learned some stuff on the TV in the living room.

You gotta keep ’em medicated!

Cursed Carousel

I was up way later than I planned last night, and though I almost got out of bed early, I let myself fall asleep again and didn’t wake up until late in the morning. I got up and tried to make an omelet but forgot how, so I had scrambled eggs and Summer had an omelet. Eaddie had a concert at Tech in the afternoon, so we lounged for a little while and then had to get across town.

The Tech concerts are always way better, not only because the bands are better, but because they always keep them relatively short. They get through the music, and don’t waste time thank-circle-jerking the administration for their “support” by not axing their already successful program. Eaddie had a nice solo, but I was having trouble focusing with how loud the band was, plus I didn’t have a line of sight to her, so I was a little spaced out while she played.

Afterward, Summer and I went by the Neighborhood Market for a few things and then made it home where we ate some leftovers and mostly lounged. Eaddie went to Eli’s all evening and came home late to chat about her experience with the band. We all did a fair job of getting to bed at a reasonable hour, and next is another week of rain.


I Have Reservations

I woke up before my super early alarm this morning with a shin and calf cramp. I managed to walk to my office so I could try and book some dining for Disney, and it was surprisingly a cinch in spite of the fear Julie had instilled in us. All day, there were still reservations available everywhere. While I was confirming all of that, I called a couple different numbers to find someone that could fix Eaddie’s age in the app, so hopefully that experience will work correctly now.

It’s been hard getting into anything too serious since I feel like I won’t be sticking around long. I still haven’t heard anything from Harry or Blake, even to say they don’t want to meet with me. Maybe they’re just both busy, or maybe they’ve just already made up their minds. Maybe I have too.

My parents wanted me to meet them at Georgia Carpet Mills to pick out some flooring for the old house after work, so I did that and then went to feed the fish before going to Little Caesar’s to pick up dinner for the kids. I had placed my order an hour and a half in advance, but still had to wait for over 20 minutes for them to make and bake my order. I haggled the girl for some dipping sauce, and she kind of gave me side-eye, but I wasn’t having any sass after their miserable operation. I still want to open a store next door called Big Brutus.

Eaddie had a house full of teenagers by the time I got home, and Summer was busy with work calls for a little while. My parents stopped by to eat too, and then Mom sat down on the couch and watched the entirety of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. It was a little warm in the house with so many people there, so Summer and I sat outside for a little bit to cool off after my parents left. I felt sleepy all night, but didn’t really want to go to sleep with everyone still there. The lack of sleep from the night before has made the day a struggle though.

Great, now I don’t know where anything is.

Bronchiasoreus Rex

My aches weren’t as bad, but my cough was worse today. My chest hurt, but I was able to ride to the Neighborhood Market for some milk and oranges, and ended up toting two more sacks of groceries home with me. It all started when I tried to make biscuits with sour milk, so I could eat some more of the spoiling gravy. When I got back home, I made three giant biscuits and ate one with a bunch of gravy. It could have been the milk, or it could have been the spoilage, but that didn’t sit with me for very long.

I had a long bath with some Vicks bath crystals in the afternoon, and I was kind of disappointed in their effect. I even ran a short bath so as not to dilute them too much. Ultimately, I think neither they nor the shower puck are worth the price of admission. You’re better off stuffing your mouth full of cough drops before you hop in the shower.

Eaddie brought a friend home to study, and I ended up grilling brats for everyone. We had a pretty good impromptu dinner, and then it was off to bed to try and sleep off my last bit of fever.


Long Winded

I got up early this morning so we could take Eaddie and her bandmate to Little Rock. We were a little ahead, so it was a leisurely drive to drop them off, and then Summer and I went back into town to have lunch at Cheddar’s. My pot pie wasn’t as good as what I’ve had in the past, but the chocolate cake was yummy. Afterward, we went to Target to walk around a bit before taking some McDonald’s back to the girls.

Just before we went into Target, I started feeling really bad. I could tell I was getting sick, so I grabbed some high menthol cough drops to help with the sinuses, and some Vicks shower and bath additives. I ached more and more through the concert and its incredibly long pieces. The faculty recital was interesting, but I was still upset that it was up to us to bring the kids they needed for their piece. The music really was good, but my feeling crummy didn’t help.

After the concert, Summer took us straight home and I ended up in bed. I thought I’d be able to go out and enjoy some of the sun, but it just didn’t happen. I crawled under a heated blanket and cooked my fever out before deciding to take Monday off at work.


City Swamp

I didn’t catch our rat last night, but it made another appearance on camera. We ended up having to take Eaddie to Little Rock today for less than an hour of rehearsal, but she was at Tech for the state robotics tournament all morning. Summer and I picked her up around lunch time and headed out of town. We were hungry enough to stop at McDonald’s in Morrilton, and then we made our way to the Wilbur D. Mills University Studies High School.

We left Eaddie, and then I took Summer down the road to the Lorance Creek Natural Area where we walked down a trail through a swamp. It was pretty neat, but there were clouds of gnats everywhere. We almost made it back to the car when Eaddie texted that she was done. We picked her up, and she wanted to head straight back home to catch the end of the tournament, so we didn’t get to do any other shopping or adventuring.

Charge was low, so we had to plan a stop somewhere. Fortunately they built a new Supercharger in Conway, so we stopped there for just a few minutes before completing the journey home. We left Eaddie at the coliseum and then the two of us went to Ridgewood for an early dinner. Grant looked to be doing better, and things were kind of slow and steady at the restaurant.

I took the Onewheel around the neighborhood when we got back home. It wasn’t any surprise that Summer didn’t want to get out of the house again, so we settled in to watch some TV for the evening. Eaddie got home late, without a trip to Worlds, and then everyone was off to bed to do it all over again in the morning.

That’s just a lot.

Pizza Cake

I ran a little late again this morning, but rolled into work early enough that I didn’t have a problem taking a beat to make a coffee. I knew the day couldn’t hold a candle to the success I had yesterday, so and Kim was back after a day off, so I didn’t even try. I still got a couple more deployments made though, and overall it was a pretty decent day.

Dad met someone at the old house to look at some remodeling, but I missed them by the time I was off work. I fed the fish and then pretty quickly headed home to get Eaddie for dinner. Summer was working late, so the two of us decided to go to Pizza Hut for a change.

I started a load of laundry and we went to eat. Zach and his family were there with Gray’s basketball team celebrating a tournament win, and he came over to chat a bit before we ordered. Then Eaddie and I had a really good chat about life and stuff. I tried to save some leftovers for when Summer got home, but all she got was bread sticks and chocolate donut bites.

The girls settled in pretty early, and I saw another offer from Tesla to buy back my car. I accepted at a loss of a little over $8,000, which is still less than how much they dropped the price of the car after I bought it. A big part of me is excited to see the next performance Model 3, but another very present part of me is curious about home solar. Finances may need some time to settle, but how neat would it be to have both?

We’ve had one, yes. What about second winter?!

Midwhenter Concert

I barely got out of Casey’s with my life today, much less my free coffee. There was a huge line of people at the checkout, and then I had to jump out into traffic to leave. Kim was late after getting her shot and not taking a sick day. I spent the entire day fighting SCCM again, and finally found someone with the same problem I had with my distribution point.

I got pretty sleepy in the afternoon, and just gave up at a stopping point in the afternoon. Eaddie had her midwinter concert in the evening, so I went to feed the fish and grab a few more things before heading home. Nobody else would be coming home for dinner, so I ended up going to my parents’ house for spaghetti before taking Dad to the concert to meet Summer.

We ended up beating her there because she got stuck at work. It was a pretty good concert though. I think both bands actually sounded better than the last high school concert we watched. Afterward, I dropped Dad off at home and then took a lap around the block on my Onewheel while Summer settled in for the night. Eaddie went out to eat with friends, and it was a pretty late night for a Monday.

I preferred the birthday speeches.

Wheelin’ to the Ball

I forgot to charge my car yesterday, but it was no sweat making it to work and back. I typically only use about 20% of my charge per day. I spent the entire day trying to get a computer to image over SCCM, but it just wouldn’t work. It took me all day to even find the right log files to dig into, and even after staying late, it ended up being a problem for Monday.

It was a nice evening drive home to feed the fish and load up some more stuff from the old house before swinging through the car wash. Eaddie was going to be recognized with the other all-state kids at the basketball game in the evening, so I went home to eat some leftovers before that.

Just as I finished up, Summer texted to say she was going straight to the high school after work, so I hopped on the Onewheel and huffed it across town. It took me a little longer than I expected, but I stuck to the sidewalk for the majority of the ride. Roads are always faster because there aren’t as many uneven cracks or breaks. I ended up beating Summer there by several minutes, and I misunderstood when halftime would be anyway. We got into the arena just as the girls were finishing their game, and then the guys came out.

I sat through half of the game on my phone, wishing I was out wheeling around. Once we got to hear them call Eaddie’s name, I headed outside to ride until Summer came out. Then we went home and settled in. Summer showered and ate leftovers. I set up the new coffee grinder that I had Julie order for me. It was way smaller than I expected. Eaddie made it home around that time, and practiced her flute a bit before everyone went to bed.

♫ We regret to inform you that the Keurig will have to find a new home! ♫