No Snek

Eaddie was at a robotics tournament all day, so Summer and I hung out at the house all morning. She watched TV and took several calls for work, and I deployed a bunch of water leak sensors that were just delivered. While doing so, I discovered a leak of something under Eaddie’s sink. It felt like something more than water, but it may have just pulled something off of some of the bottles that were under there. The entire cabinet was crammed full of junk, and I just didn’t understand why they were collecting partially-used bottles of crap.

After cleaning that up and having a shower, we went to my parents’ house to eat some leftovers before going shopping. I wanted to find a drain auger that would be a little less cumbersome than Dad’s giant, exposed, metal snake. Unfortunately Harbor Freight was completely out of them. Walmart had a smaller one for more money, but we decided to just wait until Harbor Freight restocked on Monday.

We picked up an espresso machine on a deep clearance, a localized Russellville version of Monopoly, and some food to grill, and then headed home. Summer watched more TV and I did some laundry. Eaddie got home a bit late, and we didn’t see much of her. I started the first episode of The Orville with Summer, and then just dilly-dallied for a while longer before bed.

Predictably okay.

Holiday Crash

Eaddie nearly stayed up all night, but was probably the most spry of any of us all day. I did my best not to sleep too late, and made Summer a coffee when she got up. They went for a quick shopping trip while I had a shower, and then we all went to my parents’ house to eat some leftovers. Julie and Kevin showed up to do the same, and then we took Eaddie home to rake leaves while Summer and I went to the old house to get my wheelbarrow.

It had a bad tire, so we went to Lowe’s to shop around, and then Harbor Freight to pick up a replacement wheel. It was dark by the time we got back to the house, and we all sat around waiting for my parents to call for dinner. Summer and I watched the first episode of Secret Invasion, and I didn’t much love it, but I think the universe is just getting too big for me to wrap my head around it.

Once my parents had some sweet potato and shrimp ready, we went to eat pretty quickly before coming home to get ready for bed. Eaddie left her purse there, so Dad walked it over to us, and then it was off to sleep before going back to work.

Not completely opposed to the Whataplane.

Bank On It

I got in touch with Missy this morning about our loan application, and spent most of the morning after breakfast trying to decide on which loan to take. All of the rates were pretty bad, so I ultimately picked a 15 year loan just to keep the interest to an absolute minimum. It will be a little bit tighter than usual, but I should also be able to count on a raise pretty soon, one way or another.

I sat down to watch one episode of The Good Place with the girls, but otherwise I was feeling a little stressed being the only one paying attention to the loan information. As lunch time came around, Summer made some more spaghetti to finish up the sauce from the other day. Since we didn’t get out of the house, Eaddie decided she wanted to bake something. We dug out the Stranger Things pizza cookies we bought a while back and made those. We really didn’t get up to much of anything else.

Michael called me to ask about crypto trading bots, and as usual I had to tell him I just wasn’t paying any attention to that kind of stuff. We talked for a while, and eventually Summer decided she was ready to go to bed. Eaddie came in and we watched some Modern Family, and then everyone was in bed by midnight.

Such disinterest in comparing interest for interests.

GAMblin’ Man

I was sleeping super hard when my alarm went off this morning, and I couldn’t help but sit in the car for a few minutes when I got home. The past several days have just gotten worse, and I can never seem to catch up on sleep over the weekend. It started pouring down rain just as I left the house, and the drive to Ola was pretty rough. I got caught behind a couple different people going overcautiously slow, but managed to make it to work right on time.

I worked on GAM some more and finally tweaked it enough to get it working. Kim showed up after a while, and then I finally worked out the command I needed to run to move a bunch of devices around. I thought we’d go to Plainview to pull some carts out of the grossness, but we never made it. It was hot and humid outside, so neither of us were feeling particularly ambitious. Instead, we spent the last part of the day unboxing and enrolling a few of the brand new Chromebooks, even though we had several from an old order that had never been used at all.

As people eventually vanished, I headed home. I saw a crop duster fly super low over some houses in Dardanelle, which was neat. Then I almost ran over a turtle in my garage when I got home. Dad saw a couple yesterday when the guy from the restoration place came back to stage some fake photos. One of the turtles disappeared, but the other apparently ended up inside my garage overnight and all day. I brought it inside for some water and then released it back into the back yard before heading up to Summer’s.

The girls were just relaxing at home when I got there. Summer had just finished cooking dinner, so we all sat down to eat. Then we eventually watched some Modern Family before everyone went to bed.

Big bucks, big bucks, no Whammies, STOP!

The Bed is Too Full

As expected, Summer had a pretty sleepless night last night. I didn’t do much better myself, but I did manage to shut my eyes for a little while before I woke up to an empty bed. She had gone to the living room and was playing on her phone, so I had to fetch her back. She mentioned that Eaddie had been up, so I went and brought her into the bedroom with us and we all snuggled up together for a bit. There really wasn’t much room, and I didn’t really get to fall asleep again for most of the night. Eaddie didn’t stick around for too long, but I think it helped Summer.

I gave up on getting to work by seven, and stopped at McDonald’s for a frappé. I had forgotten that summer school started today, and there seemed to be more kids around than I expected, but maybe only a few of them needed Chromebooks. A couple teachers came to fetch a cart from me, and we settled on leaving it in the front office where kids could pick up devices on their way in.

I was alone all day, so I spent the morning scanning damaged devices and moving what was left of a pallet of Chromebooks outside of our office. I broke a pretty good sweat, and spent the rest of the day in a pretty quiet office.

It started raining pretty hard around quitting time, and I think I was the last one to leave by quite a while. I headed home and retrieved the phone mounts I ordered for the Teslas. Then I continued up to Summer’s for the evening. Noah was supposed to come over late, and the girls had been out to eat earlier in the day, so I had some leftovers. Then the three of us watched a couple episodes of The Office while Eaddie ate in the floor. Then Summer and I watched some Modern Family until she was ready to go to sleep.

How does she always pick the ones into pseudo-science???

All Eggs; No Basket

I woke up to a rejection email this morning, which stressed me out a bit. He did at least have some kind words for me, so maybe something will work out in the future. After that, I had a bit of a slow start. I wanted to do something productive, so I cleaned the kitchen and then started looking for more jobs. I got a response from an application I submitted yesterday, but that job would require a commute to Maumelle every day.

I eventually made it home to shower and apply for a few more jobs. Then I headed back up to Summer’s once she was on the way home. Joe called while I was driving, and asked me to support Donna in her bid for school board. Maybe I have Jason all wrong, but he’s always been nice to me as a total stranger. I appreciated Joe’s call, but I still find it odd to have people ringing my doorbell or calling my unpublished phone number.

Summer ended up going to the gym, so I got the ham and some rolls out for a snack-like dinner. It looked like the girls went out to eat right after school, so I didn’t concern myself with them. Eaddie came out of her room and we finished Breaking Bad, but then Summer came home talking loudly on speakerphone. We tried shutting her in the bedroom, but then she came back out and sat in front of the TV with us. That was even more annoying, because she hasn’t been interested in watching it with us, but she kept asking questions about what was happening. In the finale.

Everyone was off to bed by the time we finished. Eaddie tried having me fill out a form for her National History Day trip, but we decided to wait until after our meeting the very next day.

Strip the Personality

A Real Ham

We got around this morning and I made tuna pitas for everyone. Then after a while, Summer took Eaddie shopping for some shoes while I took a shower. When they got back, we had to go to the store for something to go with the ham that Summer wanted to bake for dinner. Autumn came home eventually, and fussed about wanting to spend the day with Adam, and then fussed about him not liking me, and how awkward he would feel if he came over for dinner.

Autumn eventually gave in to taking Eaddie shopping when she got Adam. Summer and I made a relatively quick trip to my house, then Walmart, and then back to my house because she wanted another muffin tin. Then she started cooking as soon as we got back to her house. I scheduled another visit with Alisha, so we’ll check out the house again tomorrow afternoon.

We had a really nice dinner, and then Eaddie and I went to the bedroom to watch an episode of Breaking Bad. As we finished, Summer came in wanting to go to bed, so she kicked us out to Eaddie’s room where she and I watched one more episode, trying to ignore the loud music and giggles coming out of Autumn’s room because Summer is incapable of firmly telling her she can’t take her boyfriend in there.

Eaddie had enough after the second episode, so she went to bed and I cleaned up in the kitchen. Adam left when his father picked him up, and eventually I made it to bed.

Exclusion Solution

My Star, My Perfect Silence

Eaddie stayed home from school today, so when I got up and made tuna for a pita, I walked one into her bedroom for her. That prompted her to get out and do some laundry and clean her room. She took a break after a bit, and I brushed her hair. Then she brought out a curling iron, and we practiced putting little curls in our hair.

When lunch time came around, we ran to my house so I could change clothes, and then we met up with Summer at Superfast. She didn’t have a whole lot of input on what to eat, so Eaddie and I decided to get some Arby’s and bring it back for her.

After we ate, Eaddie wanted to go back to my house to watch TV. I got us some drinks from Sonic, and then we powered through six episodes of Breaking Bad, which was great after not watching for so long. We had a great time together, and ended up staying quite a bit longer than I expected. As we were getting ready to leave, she got an email letting her know that the second place group chose not to go to D.C. for National History Day, so her group would get to go.

When we got to Summer, she was already in bed and Autumn was staying with her grandparents. Eaddie and Summer had to plan her summer activities, and then Eaddie went to bed. I laid with Summer for a while, but she fell asleep pretty quickly watching Master Chef. Once she was out cold, I tried to learn a little more about buying a home. Then it was off to bed myself.


Breaking Blahs

Eaddie was up pretty early this morning, so I had her come into the bedroom to start watching Breaking Bad. After an episode or two, I made her an avocado toast, and then we continued watching in the living room. Autumn wanted to go out with Adam for a while, so Summer let her go. Eaddie and I never got up to much of anything else. In fact, we were proud that Autumn wanted to go to the gym after she got back from hanging out with Adam.

Summer made it home later in the evening after a long and trying day, so Eaddie and I went to Chick O’ Fish to pick up dinner. The family meal was more food than you could get for the cost of three meals, so that’s what we got from the surly girl in the window. Autumn joined us for some chicken strips, and then Summer and I tried on a few comedy specials on Netflix before everyone went to bed.

What a long day.

Fire Chicken

Eaddie decided she was going to stay home again today to catch up on homework, so I only had to drop Autumn off at the high school. I thought I’d crash the CPPC meeting in the morning, but as the time approached and I didn’t really have a reliable laptop, I chickened out. That pretty well set the tone for the day, though I wanted to get outside to try and clean up the back yard a bit. If I wasn’t going to accomplish anything for work, then I figured I ought to at least accomplish something for home.

Summer was slow at work and could take a lunch break with me, so I picked her and Eaddie up to go to New China. Afterward I dropped them off back at the shop so Summer could take Eaddie home, and I went back to my house for just a bit. Bác Vân was outside, so I talked to her a bit and went inside to power cycle her mesh router. I mentioned wanting to burn the back yard, but then it started to rain a bit.

I hung out at home for a little while, but then Summer said Eaddie wanted me to come help her with her programming homework. I hate programming, and trying to make sense of her code in a language I don’t understand just frustrated the both of us. I ended up spending the evening watching Modern Family with Summer until she went to bed.

Autumn had her final basketball game in Pine Bluff, so I had to wait until late to pick her up from the high school. Then it was straight to bed once we got home.

Fire off the apps!