Thank You, Tech!

I barely squeezed into work today, but it was quiet enough that it wouldn’t have mattered even if I was late. I handed out rambutans sporadically throughout the day as I thought people might try them. Then after some coffee, I went across the street to check on Kayla, and then went to Dwight for a single work order.

Evidently the teacher had moved to Sequoyah, but the location in Incident IQ never changed, so I had to hand the ticket off to Kyle. I made it back to the shop a bit before lunch, and then I took Zach and Gary to McDonald’s so I could get another one of their Smoky Quarter Pounder BLTs. Several of the maintenance crew were there, and Tyler ended up hanging out with us through the rest of our lunch. It seemed a bit like maybe he needed something to do.

The afternoon wasn’t too dull, because I got a bunch more work orders that I was able to mostly complete from my office. Autumn called after school to ask me to get Eaddie while she went to karate, but then I couldn’t actually find Eaddie when I got to the band room after work. She eventually came out, and I took her to my house to trade vehicles.

While we were at my house, I cleaned out the shrimp tank a bit. Then we stopped by Popeye’s for the girls. I met Summer at my parents’ house for some more egg rolls. We chatted with Dad for a bit, and then we made it home. Eaddie was working on homework, and I helped her with some Python code. Autumn got home late and made a beeline for her room as usual.

I tried not to get to bed too late, because I was pretty tired. Everyone else still beat me to it. I’m already looking toward our next break.

But our teacher is in another building!


I squeezed in a minute late today, but beat Tammy by nearly 20 minutes. Thomas was apparently out on some (possibly?) surprise trip, so Zach set the guys out on some projects after Gary had a spiel about how the high school is being stupid about their guest WiFi access. I didn’t have to do any of that, so I spent some time in my office for the morning.

After a little while, I started getting phone calls. Kayla was still having trouble with transcribing her time cards, and then one of my old teachers at Oakland called asking for some help with a display issue. I kind of wanted an excuse to go back over there anyway, so I did.

Brody wanted to eat lunch with us since he was finally off on Fridays. We met him at Zaxby’s, and he did the surprised Pikachu face when he saw me pull up in my Tesla. He said he hated his new job, and had an interview with Ryan for a network engineer job in Clarksville. I guess Ryan didn’t remember having lunch with him when we picked up the carts from Bentonville, otherwise he might not have gotten the interview.

After lunch, I went across the street to spend some time with Kayla. She was still super stressed over the time cards, and Rebecca wasn’t really any help with her payroll knowledge. I did some more tweaking on the spreadsheet, and tried my best to make her job as easy as possible before going back to my office to send out the CPPC agenda.

After work, I stopped by to see the Ridgewood Brothers, and they had the restaurant ready to roll, with tons of staff everywhere. I thought I was helping, but didn’t realize they actually had an event scheduled that evening. I went home to get a tablet, but got sidetracked by picking up my blood pressure meds from Walgreens, and then cleaning up my new fridge so I could power it on. By the time I made it back to the restaurant, they had two parking lots FULL of people.

I went back home for a bit before meeting Summer at Arby’s for dinner. Then we came home and waited for the girls to get there. They both had to get up super early for school events the next day, so they wanted to stay close by for a shorter drive to the school. Summer watched some TV in bed as usual, and everyone was off to bed pretty early, except me, who was not at all used to sleeping at home.

Of course my refrigerator has a firmware update. How could it possibly keep my food cold without firmware?

Space Parade

It took me a little bit to get settled into my office today, but once I did, I spent most of my time on the phone with Kayla. There wasn’t much else going on though, and I enjoyed the work I was doing. When we moved all of the bus drivers to hourly pay rates, the district neglected to plan how payroll would be done. As such, Kayla has been processing reams of paper timesheets for every single person that drives a bus.

I got a quick Google Sheet put together with her, and then Zach pulled me away to lunch with Thomas and Greg at Brangus. I had the half chicken salad and remembered how overpriced it was in comparison to the other lunch options. Then I was right back on the phone with Kayla once we got back.

They let us out an hour early to avoid getting stuck by all the people lining up for the parade. I went by Ridgewood and actually got to lend a hand in cleaning things up a bit for the soft open on Saturday. Then I left to swap cars before going up to Summer’s.

We finished up most of the Thanksgiving leftovers and then made our way to the parade. We were early, but not early enough to avoid parking a block off of the main strip. We opted to stand in the middle of a side street once they blocked it off, and that earned us a view from the front row.

The parade itself was super spaced out, with tons of gaps between several of the floats. The high school band was first, so we got to see Eaddie. Then we waited until Autumn passed with the JROTC, and immediately left. The girls actually finished up shortly after that, but didn’t get home until later.

Summer watched the last bit of Weird with me, and then I started UHF before quitting at the first commercial to get ready for bed.

Space mining!


I tried not to feel too bad about leaving Tres outside overnight, since it wasn’t particularly gross or rainy out. It was nice being able to warm things up before I actually got outside, too. Not to mention autopilot taking me home while I was still drowsy.

It was a pretty quiet day back to work. Gary, Greg, and Zach were mostly preoccupied replacing something in the server room, so I was left to myself. I didn’t have much to catch up on, but still had several old, stale work orders that I couldn’t really update with anything. I wasn’t upset about easing back into work over a cup of oatmeal though.

When lunch time came around, Zach suggested Quiznos, so I took him and Gary. I had them add some fresh jalapeños to my burnt ends sandwich, and it was awesome. I didn’t expect that much heat. I paired that with a cup of broccoli cheddar soup and skipped the chips and drink, but of course it was still like 12 bucks.

I went to Dwight in the afternoon for a bit, but that ended up being a non-issue. Then I ran home to quickly grab a package from the front door before going back to the office. I had to take care of something upstairs in the SDC room, and one of the kids said my hair looked like Jesus.

The rest of the afternoon was super quiet until quitting time. I ran by Ridgewood to try and grab a picture of the smoke stack going, but they had it off again by the time I got there. Robert seemed all-business, so I didn’t stick around to see anyone else, though I did try to volunteer. Instead, I headed on home to clean out my garage so I could park inside again. Then I put the refrigerator shelves and drawers back together. Somehow we got a small scratch near the top of the left side. Nothing even touched it up there, so I have no idea what happened.

Summer went to the gym when she got back into town, and then I met her at Walmart to pick up stuff for banana pudding. Then we went on home, where Eaddie instantly crashed from exhaustion, and Autumn closed herself off in her room. Summer made pudding, and I did my best to stay warm from my unusual chill.

You’ve gotta spatulate that stuff better.


Gary and Greg were both out today, and we only had a really brief meeting in the morning. Zach sent everyone but me to replace docking stations at the junior high. I slowly dug into my own things until he called and asked me to run across the street to help Chris with an “internet slowness” issue. That, of course, didn’t really turn into much of anything on account of “everything” that was going wrong at the time. On the way over, I inspected the parking lot and found the offending ketchup packet sitting right next to my tire. Unfortunately there wasn’t any way to get proof of who did it, but at least now I know it was some stupid kid that squirted ketchup all over my car.

After that, I burned most of my day trying to get the new Google Drive deployment to behave properly. It either didn’t want to uninstall the old version properly, or wouldn’t install and detect the new version. When lunch time came around, Zach and Kyle were the only two around to go. Zach suggested Brangus, which didn’t really excite me, but nothing else did either. I took the two of them, and we had an awkwardly quiet lunch.

The afternoon dragged on a bit. I went upstairs to restart a laptop for a kid, and then Thomas sent everyone home a few minutes earlier than the half hour that Ginni gave us. I had actually gotten into some things, so I didn’t actually leave until a few minutes late. Summer didn’t get back to town until late, Autumn went to an away game in Greenwood, and Eaddie had her grandparents take her home right after school, so I hung out at home for a while before coming over.

On the way out, I stopped by to troubleshoot Bác Vân’s dead iPad. It needed to be charged in a bad way. Then I cleaned up some leftovers at the house. The girls watched a bit of TV when Summer got home, but didn’t get up to anything else. I stayed up late playing on my phone until Autumn showed up. Then it was off to bed. Mom came down with the flu or something like it, so it’s just as well that we’ll be hosting Thanksgiving this year.

I guess I should start shopping for tires early…

Quarter Panel with Ketchup

I almost made it to my charge limit this morning, and left the house at 75%. I think being able to take a day trip during the weekend and then recoup that energy throughout the week is acceptable. I kept relatively busy today, and went to Dwight in the morning to troubleshoot a display issue. I ended up having to contact Newline support for some firmware, so I went back to the shop and had lunch before going back.

Aramark served us Thanksgiving lunch in the Gardner cafeteria, and most of our crew went, along with a few from maintenance, several from administration, and some others from the surrounding buildings that I didn’t know so well. Gary joked that the superintendent didn’t punch me when she walked in, so I must be in the clear for now. Thomas was going to go back to the shop, but we ended up staying. I sat with our substitute custodian, Anthony, and a couple Chrises from maintenance, since the tech table was a little crowded.

After lunch, I finished up at Dwight and Ian found me in the office again. I guess no one else ever sticks around so long when he starts talking, because he’s always got something to say. I ended up going back to the shop just before school let out, and rode out the rest of the day there. Thomas told us not to wait until 4:30 to leave, but I only got out a few minutes early.

I saw Summer at Superfast, so I stopped in to see her and we went to Walmart to get stuff for her to make chili for work. I found a kitchen faucet on clearance as well, so I picked it up to replace my leaky one. She dropped me back off at my car and I took it home, but on my way back out to go to her house, I noticed a big blob of ketchup on my rear passenger quarter panel. It was all over the place, and obviously intentional, so I had to take it to the carwash.

I spent a couple minutes in the carwash, trying to scrub through what little sentry mode footage I had. I never saw anything suspicious, but the recording hadn’t been working for several days anyway. I was really upset that someone would do something like that to my car for no apparent reason other than the fact that it’s a Tesla. The ketchup was very dry, but I never noticed it throughout the day as I walked to the car. It took me a little while to clean it off, but I had been wanting to wash the car again anyway. Fortunately it didn’t seem to mess anything else up, but it was also dark outside. While I was in the middle of the wash, I had to ride out an anxiety attack. I remember a couple of loud trucks being around, which probably put me a little more on edge on account of why I was at a carwash in the middle of a cold night.

I made it back home to swap cars and headed up to Summer’s for the evening. Eaddie had me bring my Yeti microphone over so she could record some flute assignments, but she kept yelling with frustration for most of the evening. Summer baked a cake, but I just laid in bed playing the Stranger Things game on my phone, desperately trying to make it through Chapter 5. When I finally got back up to finish my blog, I had another anxiety attack that I tried to collect some data on. I stopped breathing to see if my oxygen level was just low, but it didn’t seem to be. I’d love to know why I get these now.

This is the kind of stuff that gets people shot.

Copy No Copy

It was frosty again this morning, but comfortably cold during the day. I tried to keep busy, but kind of got distracted quite a bit. I spent some time on hold with my insurance company because I couldn’t log in to check my HSA information. That whole process was a bit of a rabbit hole. When lunch time rolled around, it was just Zach and me again, so I suggested sharing a BOGO at Subway.

The afternoon was super quiet, just as it has been. I finished up my file copying and messed with file shares, visited Dwight to check on something that fixed itself, and generally tried to stay out of trouble. After work, I went straight home to swap cars before going to Walmart to pick up the last couple things I needed to make dinner.

Summer was at the gym and Autumn was at karate, but Eaddie was home while I threw some frozen chicken into the Instant Pot for tacos. I ended up running the program twice because I wasn’t completely sold on the temperature of the chicken after the first cook. I think too much of it was above the water line, and all of the chicken was frozen into a solid block anyway. I thought it smelled pretty gross, but Summer said it just smelled like dark meat. It tasted alright though.

The girls all went to bed really early. I played my Stranger Things Puzzle Tales game a bit since I had to make it to a certain level to retrieve the progression pack I earned from playing before it was moved to the Netflix games category. I tried not to stay up too late though.

Sentry mode… re-activated?

Smokey Bros

The holiday doldrums were in full swing today, and I think everyone is just ready for a break. I went to Leonard’s at the start of the day to get some nylon washers to put between my vanity license plate and the screws. After that, I didn’t really deep into anything today, and spent most of my time watching a progress bar as I moved files off of our old SCCM server. Even after running all day, I’ll still have more to do tomorrow.

Dad stopped by in the morning to deliver a pumpkin cake, and Tammy didn’t realize who she had let into the building, which caused a bit of a stir up front when he completely bypassed the front of the office. A couple of the guys up front took off after him until Gary recognized who it was.

The junior high invited us for Thanksgiving lunch, but Thomas was having none of that. We were going to Taco Tuesday. Gary and Josh rode with me, but as soon as we got into my car, we realized my screen had frozen. The music would play, but I couldn’t touch any controls, change the volume or climate controls, or even see a speedometer. I didn’t want to force a reboot and have to wait to drive to Taco John’s, so I got us there and then started the reboot once everyone was back out of the car. Allen was there to eat with us again, and then when we left, my car was back to normal.

I went to Dwight for a bit in the afternoon, and then stopped by the Ridgewood smokehouse on the way back. Grant was there, and actually needed a ride to get his car from the tire shop anyway, so I let him drive. It was kind of gritty on the roads after the rain, so we didn’t get to have very much fun, but he got a taste. After that, it was a dull day back in my office until quitting time.

After work, I went back to the smokehouse and hung out with Kyler and another guy while the bros were in the kitchen doing an interview. They were tending the first fire in one of their new smokers, and seasoning the grill before they could check it for hot and cold spots with some biscuits. It was cool to chat about that stuff for a bit, and then I got a better look at the rest of the building once they finished up with their interview.

Eventually I headed home to charge, and then picked up some Popeye’s on the way to Summer’s. The girls all came out to eat, and then it was early to bed again. I think getting dark early just helps. Everyone was tired and ready to crash.

Smoked, dried, floor biscuits.


It was a frosty morning, and it never got much warmer during the day. I forgot my keys at home, so I had to borrow Greg’s to get into my office. Gary had some engineering tasks for me that kept me busy for most of the day. Otherwise it was pretty quiet in the back of the shop. Kyle came through a couple times and stood awkwardly close to me, but that was about it. Greg was out doing something else most of the day.

When lunch time came around, Zach was the only one going. I took us to Morelos, where we sat in a booth next to Cameron, who had walked across the street from Superfast. We had a pretty quick lunch, and then ran by my house to get my keys before going back to work.

I ran to Dwight to take care of a couple things so Melissa could mop my office. On the way back, I finally remembered to return my jack pads to The UPS Store since they were too small to stay in the jack points of the Model 3. Then I spent the rest of the afternoon reading Microsoft’s documentation to figure out what I had to do to decommission our old SCCM server.

Autumn called to ask if I would get Eaddie after band, so I picked her up in what turned into some slightly hard rain. It wasn’t quite sleet or snow, but it definitely had an occasional slush to it. We swapped cars and then headed home where Summer was making a surprise dinner for us. She cooked up some sausage and vegetables which she used to stuff some yellow squash boats, and then covered them in mozzarella and baked them for a little bit. It turned out really great, but was a little heavier than she thought it was going to be.

Eaddie practiced her flute to some music she played on the TV for Summer, and then it was an early night to bed for everyone.


Each Morning, We Tell the Robot to Kill

The girls left early this morning to go to the robotics tournament. I eventually got up and ate an old, leftover pancake for breakfast before going home to shower. Summer came over once she was ready, and we went to the high school about an hour before we were supposed to be there. I knew they had plans for food, but I didn’t know what or when.

We found the girls and wandered around the commons and cafeteria. I saw Thomas as soon as we walked in, and evidently he and at least two other administrators were told they had to attend. There were enough people there that I was absolutely sure that nobody cared anything about them. They weren’t volunteering, or otherwise involved in any way, and just mingled and chatted among themselves.

Food arrived at noon, and we ate with all of the other home folks. Other schools had their own plans elsewhere, but we had a mix of pizza and some cheap pastas from what looked like Pasta Grill. The food was pretty good, but I really tried to limit myself to a small plate. After we ate, we had to find positions to work. Evidently a couple other volunteers planned to be there the whole day, so we were kind of extra. Instead of scorekeeping, Summer helped at the queue table, and I submitted final scores in the tournament manager program.

It was a pretty long day, and my job was pretty dull. I basically hit a button once after every match, so the scores would show up on a projector. I helped break down a very small part of the setup when the middle school kids finished. Then we waited so Summer could watch the high school finals.

Summer went on home while I traded vehicles and got some gas for hers. Then I met her back at the house for some leftovers for dinner. Of course everyone else has been picking at the better food while I’m left eating a giant mixing bowl full of lettuce. The girls got home late after finishing the cleanup, and then everyone was off to bed.

But secretly, we’re just afraid to tell it to love.