On Free Hosting

Yesterday I showed up at work expecting a meeting and didn’t get one, and instead spent my day being productive with Brice. Today I did not expect much of a meeting, but everyone was at the shop and Jason was in a talking mood. He didn’t have any actual team-related meeting stuff to say though, and he basically talked about things with individual techs while the rest of us sat around staring at one another.

I stuck around the shop all morning, accomplished a few things that needed to be done, and then spent a considerable time trying to make my email signature look better for the Gmail app dark mode that was recently activated for my phone. It’s been a minor annoyance seeing so many emails come in expecting a white background, and I didn’t want mine to be one of those for anyone else sporting dark mode.

Just before lunch, I decided to go to the high school to get some laptops for Jason to take to central office. Zach was headed that way to look at some doors, so we just rode together. I got a couple more things done, and then we met back at the shop. He, Allen, and I convinced Gary to come along with us to Ruby Tuesday for $5 salads. The food was really good today, and Gary got a really good looking quesadilla. He seems to eat a whole lot of those. Ronda came strolling in with a crew from the junior high as well.

After lunch, I had a call with Jamf about my iPad Pro again. This was the second or third tier of support, and the guy was super friendly and super helpful, though we still didn’t get the issue completely resolved before we were let off work at 3:30. I got home closer to 4 and trimmed the shrimp tank some more. I wanted to sit down and play some games again, but I just kind of zoned out watching the tank. It really has become my zen place.

When Summer got home, I left to get some gas and met the girls at their house for dinner. The girls went to bed pretty early, and then Summer and I watched two more episodes of Battlestar Galactica. With only two more left to watch, I’ll have to dig into the extra content that was added to that universe over the years. I know there are a bunch of webisodes as well as a couple really long special features.

To end the evening, I sat down to write this blog entry when I found my site had been turned off again for overuse of system resources. That still doesn’t seem possible, but I figured I’d gotten enough out of 000webhost for free. I don’t mind so much upgrading to some paid hosting, even for a do-nothing site that I maintain for my own entertainment. The migration to Hostinger was relatively smooth, and at a buck a month it’s really not bad for a four-year term.

The shape of dreams half-remembered. Slip the surly bonds of Earth and touch the face of perfection.

Blogging 301: Intermediate-Advanced Online Journal Keeping

Who knew keeping a blog journal as an adult would be so difficult. Maybe we were younger then, and eager to tell our stories. Maybe we were just naive enough to think someone would listen. Maybe we were so full teenage angst that we had nowhere else to spill our guts.


Maybe now there’s less to share. Maybe we were the ones that got boring. Maybe we ran out of things to say. Maybe nobody cares where you’ve been, or what you had for lunch.

It seems like so many of us settled so quickly. Many by choice. Many just fell stagnant. I probably fell victim to a little of both. Who has time for adventure when you’re busy waking up to go to that job you hate to support the family that doesn’t appreciate those adventures you sacrificed?

Or maybe the family was the adventure, and it was something else that was left behind.

Maybe you were the one left behind.

Nobody has time for your ennui, Peter. Now get back to work. You have a mortgage to shrink and a 401k to grow.

Let’s figure this out together, shall we?

I had Taco Bell for lunch. Spicy Triple-Double-Crunchwrap Box and an unsweetened tea. Bangarang.