Blogging 301: Intermediate-Advanced Online Journal Keeping

Who knew keeping a blog journal as an adult would be so difficult. Maybe we were younger then, and eager to tell our stories. Maybe we were just naive enough to think someone would listen. Maybe we were so full teenage angst that we had nowhere else to spill our guts.


Maybe now there’s less to share. Maybe we were the ones that got boring. Maybe we ran out of things to say. Maybe nobody cares where you’ve been, or what you had for lunch.

It seems like so many of us settled so quickly. Many by choice. Many just fell stagnant. I probably fell victim to a little of both. Who has time for adventure when you’re busy waking up to go to that job you hate to support the family that doesn’t appreciate those adventures you sacrificed?

Or maybe the family was the adventure, and it was something else that was left behind.

Maybe you were the one left behind.

Nobody has time for your ennui, Peter. Now get back to work. You have a mortgage to shrink and a 401k to grow.

Let’s figure this out together, shall we?

I had Taco Bell for lunch. Spicy Triple-Double-Crunchwrap Box and an unsweetened tea. Bangarang.

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