Making It a Thing…

This is it. We’re doing it. No turning back. All or nothing. We’ll do it live. It’s a thing. Tell a friend.

It’s an ambitious, exciting, and sometimes terrifying feeling getting to be the dumbest person there, but I feel fortunate to be in a place where I can only look up. I may not ever get to the point that I know the inner workings of the universe the way that some of my coworkers grok them, but I like to think I have enough working knowledge and the drive, or at least stubbornness, to eventually figure things out. Today was an exercise in learning about networking, wireless, and secretly a bit of that old devil, subnetting.

I wasn’t alone, though. I made a friend in my travels.

And you know what? After spending nearly the entire day running back and forth, I finally figured it out. Rad.

After work, I spent some time catching up with my friend Jesica, freshly tanned from her spring break. We visited that fancy Walmart Neighborhood Market place for some canned chicken, kimchi, and bananas. She buffaloed them into baked eggrolls. Well, just the chicken. Frankly I’m surprised she didn’t mix the┬árest in too. White people are weird.

I wore this shirt today:

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