Death by Chocolate

I tried sleeping in a bit today before going home to clean up. Eaddie wanted to have a few friends over as a birthday treat, so Summer picked up stuff for burgers. I started prepping once I got back, and made sixteen perfect burger patties. Half of them also had a fresh jalapeƱo diced into them, but I should have added more.

People eventually started showing up a bit after I started cooking, so we ate pretty quickly. Nick had ordered a serial killer themed cake that turned out pretty neat looking, but they missed some opportunities for more puns. When we finished eating, we all played a couple rounds of Drawful.

Summer and I left for a bit to drop in on some of her employees that were throwing Mario a going away party. She got to play her first game of beer pong, and pet some tiny dogs. We didn’t stay very long since we still had a house full of girls back home.

The girls looked to be in the middle of a Twilight marathon, so Summer and I went to bed pretty immediately.

I guess the wolf is out of the bag.

Pizza Pie, Piece o’ Cake

Summer took Autumn to school this morning, then had to run by work for a while later. Eaddie and I got up and watched some House. When Summer got back, they went out for lunch and I went home to clean up.

I cleaned up the aquariums a bit, but they’ll need more work tomorrow. The day went by really quickly, and I didn’t get as much accomplished as I wanted. Eventually I got back out and went to get some things from my parents’ house before making it back up to Summer’s.

Autumn’s friend was already there with her dog, and Summer took them on down to The Garage Arcade for Autumn’s birthday. Eaddie and I followed shortly thereafter, stopping to pick up some pizzas along the way.

The kids had a good time, but I was a bit underwhelmed by the arcade selection. It was still neat, but I don’t have a clue how they make rent there. We got home pretty late afterward, and everyone shuffled off to bed pretty quickly.

Now they’re FROZ-N-READY!

That’s a Surprise

I slept in super hard this morning, but got up and around for an early lunch. We cleaned up some leftovers, then tried to keep the kids motivated to clean the house in preparation for the evening. Eventually it came time for me to leave for my shower, so it was up to all the girls to get things rolling.

While I was gone, Melinda picked Summer up for their pedicures. I arrived back at the house shortly thereafter with a fresh bag of ice and the hamburgers, and we did our last little bit of prep work before the guests started to arrive. Ronda, Steven, and Maleea showed up first, but were quickly followed by Suzanne, John and Melissa, Noah, and my parents. We had a house full of relative strangers to each other, and I was busy slicing vegetables and running the grill. Had I known the nail salon was running behind, I would have slowed way down, but for all I knew, I had about half an hour to get things rolling.

Around 6:40, Melinda showed up with Summer and we did our level best to surprise her. Ronda had the great idea to have all the friends stand back, so the kids and my parents jumped out first with a couple big confetti poppers. Then as she came further into the house, everyone else jumped out and surrounded her for a second surprise. It was hugs all around, except for Eaddie, who got totally got skipped.

Summer had a blast and was so excited to see everyone. The food turned out pretty well after Steven helped me keep the grill from going up in flames. The decorations Melissa brought were just the right touch, and Suzanne’s cake was amazing. I almost couldn’t believe we pulled it off. I did forget to toast the buns with butter on the griddle, but I suppose there’s always next time for the gourmet experience.

John and Melissa had to take off pretty quickly to get their kids. Dalia was going to show up late after closing at work, but she actually arrived at a pretty decent time since the pedicures took an extra hour to complete. As everyone eventually filtered out, the kids did a quick sweep up to get the house livable again. I ran across town to deliver some cake to John, then went home to trade my contacts for glasses.

Everyone was ready for bed by the time I got back, so I tinkered around for a little while, and eventually went off to bed.

Fool me once, shame on… shame on you. You fool me, you can’t get fooled again.