Death by Chocolate

I tried sleeping in a bit today before going home to clean up. Eaddie wanted to have a few friends over as a birthday treat, so Summer picked up stuff for burgers. I started prepping once I got back, and made sixteen perfect burger patties. Half of them also had a fresh jalapeƱo diced into them, but I should have added more.

People eventually started showing up a bit after I started cooking, so we ate pretty quickly. Nick had ordered a serial killer themed cake that turned out pretty neat looking, but they missed some opportunities for more puns. When we finished eating, we all played a couple rounds of Drawful.

Summer and I left for a bit to drop in on some of her employees that were throwing Mario a going away party. She got to play her first game of beer pong, and pet some tiny dogs. We didn’t stay very long since we still had a house full of girls back home.

The girls looked to be in the middle of a Twilight marathon, so Summer and I went to bed pretty immediately.

I guess the wolf is out of the bag.

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