How Much Water Does it Take to Clean New Orleans?

Today was a slow day at work, especially having finished most of the imaging. I worked in my office for a while and fixed the SLC image. Then I ran to the junior high with Greg to help Brody, who had been working on a faulty touch panel for the past hour or more. We determined it likely had a bad board that also prevented the power button from working, then went to Sequoyah to check out the library sound system.

I went home after work and just kind of burned up some time in the afternoon. I started to go back out, but was blocked off by some roadwork on 16th Street, so I just went right back home. I had texted Ben earlier in the day, and he invited us to Kings Live Music in Conway to see Ashley’s son Presley play. Summer really deserved some country, so we left town a bit after six.

We stopped at a place called Sharks Fish and Chicken for dinner just inside of Conway. I let the hostess pick a sandwich for me, and got a pretty good Philly steak. I think the surprise star of the show was the side order of fries, but it was all pretty good though. Afterward we headed to Kings and ran into Kevin and Ashley. Ben came along shortly afterward and we took in a country music show, as presented by Mario Mario of the Mario Brothers.

I don’t care for country, but I can handle just a guy with a guitar. I understood the lyric about a “holler,” and even heard a song I kind of liked, about hurricanes washing away New Orleans. We had drinks and a good time was had by all. Presley did a great job, and Summer was just as happy as a clam to hear the songs of her people.

We made it home late, and the girls were winding down after a day of cleaning house. Summer went straight to bed, and I wasn’t long behind.

I’m just glad we didn’t have a pickup roll call.

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