Amp It Up

I spent the morning with Mike again, and we finished imaging all of the laptops he had. While we were there, Gary had us help mount a couple big fiber switches in the core closet. We tried going to Chili’s for lunch afterward, but they had a sign on the door saying they were only doing takeout orders due to being short staffed. We all met at Old South instead, who looked super packed but ended up being relatively quick to seat us.

After lunch, I finally got to work in my office a bit, which was the first time I’ve done so since Thomas started. I got my speakers set back up in a different corner so they’re not obvious to those just passing through. The sound is full and rich with the larger speakers, but not as overbearing since they’re just sort of providing ambient audio from afar. I was hoping the tubes on the amp would be a bit more noticeable in the darker corner, but the power light is still just so overbearing.

When I left work, I went home to change and then met Summer and Autumn at Ridout to look at some cabinetry. I’m kind of leaning toward white for the vanity, which is a surprising color for me. I think it’ll help keep the place lighter since we’re going darker with the floor tile.

The girls had karate, so Summer took Autumn home to get ready, and then I picked her up and we went to Mulan’s for dinner. Eaddie mowed when we got home, and Summer went straight to bed to watch TV. I relaxed for a bit, but it was tough going to sleep.

Something terrible has happened between kindergarten and 12th grade, and it’s not just puberty.

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