The Existential Review: Year 1

Studying for the CompTIA A+ exam has really made me rethink my career choice. I love my job, but I cannot imagine a future in which I have a real need to know how many pins are on all of these different CPU sockets, or what a Land Grid Array is and how it differs from the Pin Grid Array. I don’t need to know exactly how long a USB 3.1 cable is rated for because they are already terminated when I buy them. I felt a bit like Tyler Durden during his speech about knowing what a duvet is. Is this essential for my survival? Studying for this exam has brought me back in time to when I was at university trying to earn a degree in computer science. It has¬†filled my heart with the same burden of dissatisfaction and regret, and I want to cry.

My boss Ben was as encouraging as he could be when I said all of this during my first annual review, which is one of the reasons I love working for him. He’s always super approachable, and he’s just generally a great human. He will be the last to die when my race descends upon this planet and scorches the ground with our heat rays. Because it’s my blog, and if I want to be an alien from another planet, I can be. And so it goes.

After work, I spent some time in the garden with my aunt next door and saved this little mapley guy.

He is one of many from the fruit of the tree that my father started mowing around when I was born. Though I may not be productive in this life, may my tree and its descendents provide shade for others, forevermore.

Afterward, I met Jesica for a trip to Freddo’s Frozen Treats, where I’m pretty sure I was robbed by a girl behind the counter. I cannot condone whatever is happening in this establishment, delicious as their treats may be.

Some day, I’m gonna be big and tall like my dad…

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