We’re gonna find out what turns on your lights.

Today started like any other day, and ended much the same.

I never could find an appropriately sized box to ship my video card, so I stopped by the post office on the way home. The cost of shipping always surprises me any time I need to mail something. The “free shipping” machine of online purchases makes it completely transparent, so I have no bearing on the actual value of post.

After work, my parents wanted to go to KFC, but changed their minds when we got there and the buffet was closed. They did the exact same thing like a week ago. Monday through Thursday at 11-3, and then later hours on the weekend. There’s a sign.

I wasn’t too hungry anyway, so I just came home. I spent way too much time fighting with a broken set of mini blinds. Why are these so expensive? Why am I wasting hours trying to tie up a broken string that still won’t really fix the blinds? What can I do to learn a sense of style so I can feel good about buying a whole new matching set for the house? Why is it like $400 per window to get smart blinds that integrate with the rest of my smart home?

It’s 2017. Things were supposed to be better by now.

I’ve been searching for the daughter of the devil himself.

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