My First RSD Potluck

I always love getting together with work people for things like potlucks. I guess a more true statement would be that I just like getting together with people, but when you do it at work they can’t get away, so they’re stuck with me.

I prepped the caramelized onion and broccoli last night, so this morning I got up early enough to finish the rice and cheese for my casserole. It turned out pretty good, but I always forget that I end up shorter on broccoli than I’d like. Mental note to use like 3/4 a bag of broccoli to one can of cream of mushroom soup and half a block of Velveeta.

After work, I went to my parents’ house for phở. I guess you could say that today was a good day for food.

After dinner, I washed the bike and didn’t want to park it wet, so I rode around a bit and ended up stopping by AT&T to visit. I hadn’t intended to stay too long, but then closed the place down like I usually do, and Kevin and I chatted in the parking lot for a while as we’re wont to do.

She had it comin!

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