Grin and Bear It

Lots of stuff today.

My dad’s friend John got married this afternoon. Sixty three years, the idol bachelor died today. My cynical side wonders if it’s all for the retirement fund, but certainly there must be true and decent people left after all this time. It occurred to me that if I wanted to have a successful gathering of my own, I would have to arrange someone’s marriage. People seem to show up for that kind of thing, no matter how many times you do it.

I stopped by Apex on the way home and talked to Lori, Will, Eric, and Jesica. Never miss an opportunity to show up when you’re dressed out.

At 8:30, I went to the Dardanelle Club for Hope’s birthday party. I saw others waiting in the parking lot, but I was the first one to walk in and sit at the table. I knew our waitress Holly, but she wrote me down as “glasses pony” so I guess I didn’t leave much of an impression.

It took a while for people to start showing up, but inevitably we had to add tables for Miss Popular. The prime rib was pretty bad, but it was all in good company.
After dinner, we went to Front Street and met up with Jonell and her husband Chris. I also ran into my sister and her boyfriend. We pretty much all shut that place down and then went to the rebranded Club 40. It was like stepping back into the 80s with the indoor smoking. I somehow managed to find a table that wasn’t sticky and held it down the rest of the night. Nothing beyond the DC was really my scene. Front Street was awesome outside weather, but the 40 was loud and the air hurt my everything. We pretty much shut this place down too. No strip club, thank the stars.

I gave Jorge and Oscar a ride back to Kelsey’s house, along with a couple other guys I met tonight.


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