Carnival Time!

Today was a long day at work for no particular reason. Oakland had their field day, which kept the staff there super busy. The weather started out super nice all morning, which was awesome on the bike, but then got hot really fast in the afternoon. I’m not ready for full-on summer heat. I need to arrange a good ride and sail before that happens.

After work, I spent some time on the phone being told to call my health insurance company with my questions. I tried calling them admittedly close to closing time, but still early enough that I wouldn’t have expected a “call during business hours” message. Health care is fine, though.

I went to visit my parents for a spaghetti dinner, and they made some garlic bread for me the way we used to when I was growing up, using a loaf of french bread instead of frozen slices they’ve started using in recent years. I think it’s way better that way, so I don’t know why they switched after we moved out.

After dinner, I ran to Shoe Carnival for some new sneakies and a pair of dress shoes since my others were worn from working at Apex. I tried getting the Fort Russellwood guys to help, but was markedly unsuccessful. I happened to finish up right as the guys from AT&T got out, so Mayra and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings to get her something to eat, then to Walmart for a couple items.

Mayra seems to be a lot like me when she shops, and it was really nice to have someone similar along for the ride. We went in to pick up a computer chair I ordered the other day and some toothpaste for her, and ended up covering most of the store. She really made it a lot more fun, and I enjoyed having her along for the company. Maybe I can convince her to go again before MOOvie night.

You guys are the opposite of friends. :(

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