Are you a MexiCAN, or a MexiCAN’T?

I feel so useless this time of year. I keep feeling like I’m not doing enough.

For lunch, Allen and I went to La Plaza, a new Mexican place just up the road from our office, owned by the same folks from La Plaza Mexicana in Dardanelle. I had the carnitas, which were pretty great. Allen’s nachos looked awesome too.

After work, I made an awesome leftover burger, and then Jesica wanted to go out for Mexican herself, so I sat and watched her chow down at Morello’s.

I know I’ve been screening Harry Potter for MOOvie nights, but even those are too spaced apart, so I’ve been skipping through the movies to refresh myself the past couple nights. I wish someone else could marathon whole series with me. I’ve been wanting to watch the Lord of the Rings¬†extended editions since they came out, but nobody ever seems even remotely interested in spending¬†literally half of an entire day watching it with me.

I’m pretty sure my patronus is a taco.

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