How do you catch the Etherbunny?

After lunch, I discovered an app on a computer that I think a lot of parents wish they knew about.
I also discovered the rare Lexiedog in her natural habitat.

I spent all morning running cable with Ben at Vo-Tech. Lucky for us it was super hot in the rooms we were in, and sweating is one of my most favorite pastimes. We finished a bit late for lunch with the rest of the crew, so he and I went to Ruby Tuesday on our own. I love their salad bar.

After work, I went by my parents’ house again for some more bánh xèo. It didn’t sound good when she offered it, but I enjoyed it once I started in on it. The fresh ingredients kind of made it for me.

More games until bedtime.

You use an Ethernet! Get it? Guys! Guys…?

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