Pack ‘n Load

Today was by far the slowest day of work this summer. I finally finished setting up my 60 tablets, and set up a Chromebit for digital signage. I’ve got a couple things to finish up tomorrow, and then I’m ready for the HSTI conference.

After work, I met a guy named Ethan that wanted to know if my ’87 Fiero was for sale. I expressed my feelings, and he seemed to be mostly looking for a steal, but he may come around. I’m rarely a motivated seller of my own possessions, but if he comes back with the right amount of cash, I’d probably have to accept the relief of the physical burden.

I got most everything packed up for the trip, but I’ll have to finish in the morning since I’m driving and everyone wants to leave right after work. I had hoped for some time to come home and clean up, but I guess New Guy duties override that.

What a bunch of nerds.

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