Going out for Chinese

I ran all around town today, wiping lab computers to sell before we get new ones in. I know nobody else thinks of it as a contest, but I can totally accomplish the work of two others in the same amount of time. I guess if nothing else, I can take pride in that tiny bit of work ethic.

After work, Mom wanted to try something new for dinner, so we went to Old South. They got steaks, and I got a blackened chicken with surprise-me sides. Fried okra and some bangin fried potatoes. Overall, everyone was super pleased. Then we came back to my house, and we went outside to pick some fresh kale, mint, and spinach for the duck. I think I may have overdone it, as the duck seems to pick at the gamebird crumbles the most. At least I can feel good that the purchase wasn’t in vain.

I played a round of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds with the guys, then wasted the rest of my night on Reddit somehow. I almost got up and did something, I swear.

Put it on my bill.

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