Getting Cable

We spent all day running network cable at the high school. When we weren’t running cable at the high school, we were running cable at one of the elementaries. At least lunch was Lenovo’s treat.

I was so exhausted after work that I went to my parents’ house to take a dip in the pool. It was my first swim all summer, and I needed it. It was my parents’ anniversary, but Mom fell asleep on the couch, so we didn’t go out for dinner. I had a leftover salad for dinner instead, then headed home.

I had forgotten about Sonic’s half-price cream slushes and shakes today, so I went back out to AT&T to visit and see if anyone there wanted to join me. I convinced Mayra to go, and we sat out on the patio to enjoy our treats.

Afterward, I came back home and played a couple rounds of Battlegrounds with Johnny, Clint, and Josh until my headache got the best of me.

If the headache doesn’t kill me, another charley horse like last night definitely will.

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