Nice Rack!

It was more cable pulling at work today. I got a bit frustrated with some of the team for lack of participation and attitudes. Physical labor seems to really put all of those guys on edge. I was tired yesterday, but still in high spirits. Everyone else just turned sour.

I forgot that Mom had planned to make spring rolls after work, so I ended up eating a bunch of leftovers at home. Dad called earlier and said he spotted a server rack in a dumpster at work, so we went to check it out. We had to climb a ladder to get inside the dumpster, then lift the rack and all the side panels up and out of it. Somehow we managed to haul it home successfully. It’s a bit shorter than the one I wanted to take from work, but it has all of the sides and doors, plus it’s ready to use immediately unlike the ones at work.

Hopefully tomorrow’s a lighter day at work and I can spend some time in my own buildings.

And I’m just a little bit closer to turning all of this money into heat.

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