Year 2: Return of the Teachers

We had a quick meeting this morning before splitting off to our own buildings. I spent most of the morning wasting time on someone else’s work order, not realizing that I wasn’t receiving new work orders as they were coming in. After lunch, I went to the junior high and tried to catch up a bit there. I started to stress a little bit over how much work we’re trying to cram into a week, but eventually left to go to my parents’ house for a taco salad.

After dinner, I came home and played a couple rounds of Battlegrounds with Johnny. Josh was there for our first round together, and we did pretty well up to the last point where we had to climb a mountain that put us at a distinct disadvantage.

Tomorrow we’re grilling burgers at work. I enjoy our potlucks there. It’s fun to get everyone in a room.

Happy anniversary, me.

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