I got up this morning to prep for sailing, then realized in the shower that the boat registration had expired. It would have been a fair day to sail, too. Not too windy, but not dead calm. Plenty of time to ease back into our sea legs.

I ended up going to my parents’ house to try and at least clean and set up the boat, and try out the trailer hitch. Everything came together pretty smoothly, so once I’m legal again, things should work quite well. I just need to practice some proper knots.

After finishing up some spring rolls for dinner there, I came home and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I thought it was a fantastic movie, and it kind of reminded me of myself, only without the daydreaming so much. My visions are more vague, with general malcontent. Maybe some day, though.

Perhaps I can contact you, possibly through my poetry falcon.

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