Remember Sailing

I woke up around noon and eventually got out to my parents’ house so Dad and I could go sailing. We looked at both boat ramps at the marina, and though they are on opposite sides, the wind was coming in the wrong direction at both, so we took the favor of familiarity at the dock we normally use. It was tough getting out of the breakwater because of the bad wind, but we eventually made it and sailed around the lake for a while.

We didn’t stay out on the water for very long, but we didn’t plan to pack a lunch or anything. I tried my best to re-learn how to read the wind while my dad piloted the boat. Overall there weren’t too many moments of panic, but I really do wish I had a small motor to get out into the water a ways before putting the sails up. It would be a great deal less stressful that way. This is definitely something that needs practice. Perhaps in the end, the lack of the motor will make me a better sailor.

After we pulled back onto the hard and tore down, we went back to my parents’ house and I had some leftover chow mein. I was so tired after I ate that I came home and fought sleep with some Overwatch for a while. A few games in, I got a text from Mayra inviting me over for some lasagna she made. She was there with Armando, her cousins, and a couple new guys from AT&T that I had never met before. I hung out there and watched them play PS4 for a while, then came home to sleep.

Until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore, you will not know the terror of being forever lost at sea.


I got up this morning to prep for sailing, then realized in the shower that the boat registration had expired. It would have been a fair day to sail, too. Not too windy, but not dead calm. Plenty of time to ease back into our sea legs.

I ended up going to my parents’ house to try and at least clean and set up the boat, and try out the trailer hitch. Everything came together pretty smoothly, so once I’m legal again, things should work quite well. I just need to practice some proper knots.

After finishing up some spring rolls for dinner there, I came home and watched The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. I thought it was a fantastic movie, and it kind of reminded me of myself, only without the daydreaming so much. My visions are more vague, with general malcontent. Maybe some day, though.

Perhaps I can contact you, possibly through my poetry falcon.

Well How aBoat That

Today was relatively relaxed for me, which was a little surprising. I had quite a bit of time to myself to complete a project at work, and they fed us leftover “heavy hors d’oeuvres” from a farewell party for our superintendent last week. After work was when the real fun began.

I picked up Jesica, and we went to Conway to buy a kayak. I decided on the Pelican Maverick 120x, which is a 12-foot recreational kayak over the slightly more expensive Field and Stream. I wasn’t super keen on the camo color, and if there’s anything I’ll do less than kayak, it’s fish while I’m in a kayak. I got the kayak and paddle along with a neat rack mount for the car, and strapped everything down for the ride home.

We stopped by MarketPlace Grill for dinner on the way back, and had an awesome “angry s’mores fudge dip” for dessert. The shrimp street tacos were good, but the salted caramel graham crackers really stole the show. I may have had to pay a $3 upcharge, but the inspiration to make this at home was priceless. It really was delectable.

I made it home in one piece thanks to my expert knotsmanship, but unfortunately the kayak didn’t fit under my garage opening and I had to take everything down before I could park. Still in one piece, but it’s obvious I’m going to have to come up with a better storage solution sooner than later.

No, the freeze dried ice cream will not suddenly get cold when you open the package.