Like a Boss

I felt a little scattered today at work. I ended up working through most of lunch, then went to the revenue office to renew the registration on my sailboat. It was a little over a year past expiration, and instead of getting a new three year registration, they charged full price for the “remainder” of the three years I would have had if I had renewed on time, which makes no sense for a boat that was completely out of use. Unfortunately, it’s the government, so I don’t think you just ask for a supervisor to verify the process.

In the afternoon, Ben came by the junior high to help me out, so we hung a touch TV, then split up so he could hang WAPs and I could replace a teacher machine. He says he’s coming around tomorrow afternoon as well, and I’m excited to have someone there to help me actually accomplish something.

After work, I stopped by my parents’ house for a little dinner, then came home and watched Independence Day: Resurgence. The 3D was pretty great, and I ended up staying awake to finish it. I had too much trouble getting out of bed this morning though, so I really need some sleep somehow.

This one is definitely bigger than the last one!

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