She never really loved you so just leave her alone.

You could argue, but why?

It was another rough start this morning. I don’t even remember how long the alarm played before I rolled over out of bed. I made up for my slow start by plowing right through lunch. It had been raining for a while by quitting time, so I stayed a while and wrapped up a couple things, then went to my parents’ house for dinner.

When I got there, Julie was there showing Mom how to use her phone. It was nice not having to deal with it for once. Julie called me out for blogging about her. It made me curious to know whereabouts she stumbled back upon it, but I don’t put this stuff on the internet to hide it. Welcome one and all, I reckon. Everyone’s got a story.

A littleĀ Rocket League wrapped up the night. It was nice to have enough people on to have a proper round of custom games.

Eh, woah, I’ll never let you go.

2 thoughts on “She never really loved you so just leave her alone.

  1. I wish the mobile experience was a little better. You miss out on some of the design elements there, but it works.

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