The Ol’ Switcharoo

It was finally back to normal today. I got back on track to wrap up some projects, and should be in good shape by the end of the week. I skipped lunch at work, but ended up scavenging random food from conferences the day before, and even half a sandwich from the library. Sometimes it makes me feel like a hobo.

I had an appointment with SuddenLink in the afternoon, and the tech removed a couple line splitters from outside the house that seemed to cause some trouble. Hopefully that will be the end of my random drops of service in the middle of the night.

I spent the entire evening trying to recover some data off of some old hard drives, but I wasn’t able to get a single thing off of any of them. It’s at the point now where I’ll have to be really creative, or just give up.

Justice League tickets just went on sale, but planning is troublesome. So many hero movies coming out right now. May just go with the reliable.

Abusing my liver will keep emotions down.

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