A Slice of Super Supremacy

Close enough…

This morning was rough, but well prepped. The trick is overhydration. And a pair of Hardee’s Pork Chop ‘n’ Gravy Biscuits. But damn was I ever craving some well-done hash browns all-the-way. I almost stayed up at like 3:30 to go get some, but settled for the biscuits after the regularly scheduled alarm.

We had a weird FMLA training meeting at work, so they ordered some Papa John’s pizza, and I made some off-color jokes with the assistant superintendent. Boundaries are for sissies. The trick is to make sure they laugh so they’re guilty too.

After work, I finished up some mango soup at my parents’ house, then came home and got lost in a Reddit/YouTube rabbit hole.

Panda panda panda panda…

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