Sleepless in Sea Prattle

I had a bit of trouble falling asleep last night, so I got up when Jennifer wanted to come hang out for a while. She made me watch Salt while she mostly fell asleep on the couch. I finally got back to bed around sunrise and managed a few hours of sleep.

When I awoke again, I had a tremendous knot in my neck and back that I carried all day long. Clint texted me when he and his friend got to town, and the came by to visit for a bit. Afterward I played some Oxygen Not Included that I picked up yesterday on Steam. I had just started to get the hang of it when Bâc Ván called with a craving for Ci-Ci’s.

After I ate too much there, I came back home and continued my game for a while until the sleeplessness and back ache got to me.

I’d heard about nervous breakdowns due to flan depressurization, but the fact that Houston would lump me in the same categories as those intergalactic amateurs was both hurtful and suspicious.

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