The Refund

I feel like I’ve been running around a lot lately at work. I definitely travelled the halls a lot more today than what I would consider typical. I keep getting more and more grunt work and less that I can actually learn about, so that’s frustrating.

After working late, I went by my parents’ house to see if Dad had a suitable RCA connector that I could use to fix the preamplifier in the junior high cafeteria, but I didn’t have any luck there. I tried to help clean up some leftovers there, then came home and couldn’t find a suitable connector in any of my old electronics here either. It’s crazy/not-crazy to me that our home theater contacts don’t do any repairs, but I guess it’s not worth the effort for them to keep parts like that on hand. I remember the days of going with my dad to the TV repair shop or Radio Shack for parts. Now you just buy a whole new thing.

I muddled around the house for the rest of the evening and eventually made some hot tea before refunding my Star Wars tickets. I’ll give my new Pixel another day or so to get the update before I box up the old one to ship back for a refund as well.

You can count on it, I’m where you left me

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