Payback’s a bitch…

Kevin saw me walking up to the junior high this morning and managed to sneak into my office before I got there so he could jump out and scare me. I don’t think he realizes what he’s started. Obviously I can’t go sneaking around myself, because you never jump-scare the guy with a taser, but I’m more of a long-con kind of guy anyway.

Nighttime shot using the Pixel 2 XL’s flash. Impressive!

I had lunch with the girls in the library, and later in the afternoon, Jennifer did an all-call for me over the intercom. It wasn’t even work-related, so it was hilariously annoying to have been paged at all when an email would have been more than sufficient. She didn’t even try my desk phone at all, which I would normally be happy about, but I would have actually been on-site to answer it.

After work, I headed home to meet Dad because Tori trucked Bác Vân’s freighted Christmas present to her house for us. I guess I just don’t get the display case trend this year. I keep trying to lighten my load, not acquire more things to show my other things.

After I made it back inside, I installed the dbrand skin on my Pixel. I was surprised to see that there was no cutout for the glass skin, and instead I was to place the glass skin on top of the back skin. It looks pretty good, and I could nitpick it, but I think overall I’m happy with it. I just needed something to keep it from getting scratched. I went with the marble back and woodgrain glass. I ordered a multicolor G logo, but ended up not using it at all because the cutout for the stock G is perfectly aligned for the shiny metal to show through.

I ended the night with a round of PUBG and an all-night queue for Newegg customer service chat.


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