Buy One, Get One

It was my turn at Oakland for their second day of testing today. I had a couple things to do there, so it wasn’t a complete bust. Plus I like spending time with my girls in the office. Sheri bought a huge pot of chili from the Wesley Foundation, but hardly anyone donated, so I had lunch there to do my part. It was pretty good chili, but she had a ton to take home with her.

I made it back to the shop for the very last part of the day, but didn’t get any farther than that. I headed home after work and tried to clean up a little before the weekend. Bác Vân called with eggrolls, and I visited with her for a bit before the girls came by and completely demolished them.

After they left, I played a double in PUBG with Jack, and we both made it out alive with our chicken dinner. Then we played a squad game with Josh and Adam and won that one as well, making for back-to-back chickey chickey din dins. Our third game was sort of close, but I blame the loss of our fourth game entirely on Adam, because he did the exact opposite of every single thing I said.

Is this thing even on???

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