The Catless Bag

I was greeted at work this morning with a mild interrogation about my social life. Evidently they don’t read the blog.

We had Brick Oven for lunch, then got to leave an hour early, but I ended up sticking around and talking to Ben for a while before heading home to play a few rounds of PUBG with Josh. I did pretty well, and ended up outlasting him in most or all of our games. I feel like if I had a new computer, I might actually stand a real chance.

Afterward, I grabbed some chicken fries from Burger King and headed up to Summer’s to hang out for the rest of the evening.

What were you saying?
Can we move the flowers?
Before that.
This meatloaf is dry.
Before that.
This is meatloaf?
Before that.
This fish is dry.

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