On the Subject of Cookie Jars

This morning was mostly a cluster of people being frustrated at one another for lack of forethought and planning. Everyone had a role to fill, and desperately few had put enough thought into how to best complete the task in an efficient manner. Partially too many hands in the cookie jar, and partially overloaded leadership with too many tasks pulling them in too many directions at once.

Remembering the giant pan of cheesy potatoes in my refrigerator, I came home for lunch. Then I couldn’t help but to play a solo round of PUBG with my remaining time. I don’t know what’s gotten me on such a kick lately. I think partially it’s that the game is running better with patches, and partially that I’ve gotten noticeably better, and I’m enjoying the practice without others screaming in my ear in frustration. For so long, I’d forgotten what it was like to just enjoy a game.

My afternoon and evening got swallowed up into more work, and after staying a couple hours late to finish a task, I finally made it home to start a load of laundry. Summer came by to help with the leftovers before heading home for the evening, then I played a few more rounds of PUBG with the guys before bed.

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