The Fountain of Savings

The girls spent today with their father, so Summer and I went to Colton’s for a late lunch. Afterward, we went to Staples so I could spend a promo $10 that I had received from there. I found a Cross fountain pen marked down from $57 to $16.50. I’d been wanting a fountain pen to play with, but never bit the bullet, so this was as good a chance as any.

From there, we came back home and talked to Bác Vân while she was outside digging holes. She made me cut a branch, then Summer and I went back to her place to receive the girls. We played a game of Monopoly where I went from a little dicey to complete and total annihilation of everyone else. The girls went to bed saddened and heartbroken as they should have, and I helped Summer set up a Steam account. She played a game of Worms to get started, and I’ll have to find her something else she might like.

I did not realize how much work owning a pen could be.

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