We got up this morning and made pancakes and sausage links. Summer’s were prettier because she pulled them off the heat earlier than I did, but mine tasted fine. I used the strawberries and whipped cream that we got for strawberry shortcakes with just a drizzle of maple syrup on top, and it was super delicious. 10/10 Goldblums.

Summer herded everyone out of the house, and I got things back in relative order before cleaning up for an evening out. Ronda and Steven invited us out to have dinner with them at their usual Saturday evening at Fat Daddy’s. They were super social butterflies. I had some public anxiety at first, but it went swimmingly. Hopefully we’ll do something else soon.

Back home for the evening, we took advantage of the mattress I set up in the living room for the girls, and snuggled up with some root beer floats to watch more of The Office before bed.

I’m serious all the time.  :|

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