Tadley Poles

I took three little tadpoles to Oakland with me this morning and set them up in the windowsill. It turned out quite nice with all of the duckweed growing in the top. I’m pretty happy with it. That’s about where productivity stopped.

I spent the rest of the morning parked in the office playing This War of Mine on my phone until it was time to meet Jason and Allen at Ruby Tuesday for a $5 salad bar. Aaron and Stephanie came in shortly after I got there and ate across the aisle from us.

The afternoon was spent running between my buildings after a couple problems popped up at Oakland. Then I went to my parents’ house for some chow mein that Mom cooked up.

Back home, Aaron and another friend of his joined me for some PUBG until bed. I was rocking suppressors all night, but we still never really got very far.

I miss Strawberry Passion Awareness…

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