It’s 12:00 Everywhere

I still didn’t have power this morning. I didn’t figure it would change on its own, but I was hopeful. I showered in the dark, then went to work for more testing. I got to play with a new duckling that the kids had hatched, and then clean up one of the three tadpoles that had gotten stuck in the little tank and died.

I met Jason and Allen for lunch at Arby’s, then went to the junior high to take care of some work I had there. Hannah got me a replacement switchblade comb because mine didn’t work well after they had been playing with it. I ended up working a bit late, then had dinner at my parents’ house when I finally got out. I finally made it home to find that most of my power had been restored after Entergy had come earlier in the day, but my air conditioner circuit was still tripped and couldn’t be reset.

I picked up Allen and stopped by to look at a Scion FR-S for sale down the road. I was curious when I first saw it, but after some inspection, I was pretty sure it had been taken off roading at some point in its life. Definitely not worth the payoff they were asking.

I finished the night in a fortunately cool house with someĀ PUBG, then went to bed with an open window again.

You’re pretty smart for a white boy.
I’m only half!
That’s right…

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