Local Cupcake Day

I got way more sleep last night, but still woke up tired. I’ve got so many work orders that are open but waiting on something that I’m feeling a little edgy all the time, but I guess that’s just the way it goes. I’ve got things I could close, but also others that are more important.

Summer said she heard on the radio that it was cupcake day somewhere. I didn’t bother confirming it because she debunked it herself, but I still went by the Neighborhood Market and picked up some strawberry shortcake cupcakes for us. I lived on that and a Soylent all day, skipping lunch again.

I stayed and chatted with Ben and Gary for a while after work until I went to Summer’s for dinner. We started watching Mama Mia! until she had to pick Autumn up from the Back to School Talk where the kids get together and don’t dance.

Back at home, I helped Bác Vân hook her car up to my battery charger, then came in for the evening. I was a bit startled to find my toilet seat lid up, but I guess I’ll find out tomorrow if I’ve been murdered in my sleep.

It’s the old one!

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