I Want a New Drug

My head cold was in full force today, and I had trouble trying to sleep in. We got up and watched some moreĀ Battlestar Galactica, and I had a bowl of ramen before Summer left to get things done at her house. She came back with Baconators for lunch, and also brought me some Benadryl to try. I’ve never really found anything that works for my congestion, but I also haven’t really tried much, so this was an easy one to get.

After lunch, Summer went to take care of the girls and I went to bed. I kind of dozed off a little bit, but I didn’t put my CPAP on at first, so I just kind of kept waking up groggy. Eventually I did put it on and got some good sleep, which seemed to help a little. Summer came back with some Sonic for dinner, and I dropped my last bite of chili dog on the floor. She didn’t stick around for long, and I ended up in the living room watching a bit of YouTube until bed.

Must work three times as fast then, right? Everybody wants to be their own doctor.

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