Painted Town Projections

Summer left this morning for the gym and then went to the shop to decorate for the Tech pride event. It took me a while to get around, but eventually I made it out to meet her, bringing one of her big Bluetooth speakers from her house for some tunes. Disappointingly, Alex was the only one that showed up to help, so there was a lot more time and work involved than any of us really wanted to put into it. I was immediately hot and cranky, but I contributed a little by getting a proper projector so they didn’t have to keep cutting shapes out for their overhead projector.

By the time we finally left, I felt completely sapped and sleepy from the prolonged heat. I just sat down at home and couldn’t do much of anything. I hated that I couldn’t be more excited to help her, but that kind of stuff just isn’t me. I felt guilty for feeling like I just burned the whole day, but normally when we sacrifice getting the important things done, we’re at least doing something fun instead. Maybe karma earned me the huge scratch across my glasses from tossing my blankets around to sort the bed.

Some days I just pray to the god of sex and drums and rock ‘n’ roll

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