Phone It In

Summer had some trouble getting up early this morning. I slept in for a while, and then played some more Don’t Starve until I got around to a shower. Eaddie didn’t want to get out of bed, so I left and took Summer to Morelos for lunch.

Earlier in the day, Bryan had asked if I knew anyone with an older Pixel or Samsung phone that might qualify for a trade-in. Johnny bit the bullet and was going to have Bryan drive all the way to Fort Smith from Conway to swap for his Galaxy S20 FE. Aaron joined the conversation late, but had an S10 that also qualified and was older, so I drove up to his house to get it, then met Bryan at AT&T.

Kevin had already gotten everything done, and they were waiting on me for the trade-in process. Then Bryan wanted to try and transfer all of his old content to his new iPhone. Rather than take up time in the store, we went back to my house to tinker with it. We chatted for a while, and eventually he headed home.

Aaron eventually came over and picked up the Pixel 6 so he could swap with Johnny later. Then I finally got rid of an old, broken chair and drove up to Summer’s for the evening. I warmed up some leftovers and ate a bit. Eaddie really wanted to watch Hawkeye, but I didn’t want to watch it there, so everyone went to bed.

No Returns

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