Not a Race

I allowed myself to sleep until about 7:30 this morning before getting up for breakfast. It was pretty quiet downstairs, which was even more indicative of how much of a non-event the expo was. We ate, then packed and checked out to head home without even going to the horse races like we originally planned.

I tried to make good time, because Superfast was in a bind without enough people to run the shop, and Summer wanted to go in to help them out. As soon as we got into town, I dropped her off and went home to wait for school to let out.

Eaddie wanted to walk to my house since it was nice outside, but I suggested we should get her bicycle from my parents’ house. I ultimately ended up going to get it, then dropping it off at Oakland for her to ride around and then come home. When she finally got home, we watched an episode of Stranger Things before picking up Summer from work.

We all went to their house thinking we would go back to my house to start a fire, but everyone was so tired that we didn’t get out of the house again. Autumn worked really late, so the remaining three of us ate ramen noodles and eventually went to bed.

This feels more like work than work.

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